Chemicals and Equipment for Dewatering Wastewater

Dewatering Wastewater: Industrial Applications

Chemicals and Equipment for Dewatering Wastewater involves several key components: physical treatment (i.e. screening and filtering processes), biological treatment (i.e. oxidation ponds and lagoons), and chemicals. The chemicals required for water treatment must be used more aggressively and in larger quantities for wastewater than municipal drinking water.

Dewatering wastewater involves the removal of water from solids slurry (sludge or cake) in quantities greater than what is achieved by settling alone. Mechanical processes and land dewatering techniques can be applied to aid in selecting the most appropriate method for the dewatering under consideration.

One major reason for using chemicals and dewatering equipment for wastewater is to decrease the capital and operating costs for final sludge disposal. Dewatered solids from a 1 to a 20 percent solids concentration reduces volume by three-fourths and generates a cake-like material that has a non-fluid consistency.  In addition during the dewatering process, pH, TSS, BOD and COD can all be addressed during the total treatment of the waste water from Source-To-Discharge.

Authorized Matec Dealer

ChemREADY, being an authorized distributor of Matec, has introduced an innovative ground-breaking technology that can help wastewater operations dewater their cleaning and wastewater by up to 85% with minimal use of flocculants and in addition, gives a return of clear water for them to reuse in their production process.

This process removes the need for all settling ponds through the use of fully automated, proprietary dewatering techniques and the use of ultra-high pressure filtration.  This ultimately reduces the need for the use of flocculants and reduces manpower to nearly nothing. Ready Mix plants truely benefit from this new technology available to their industry, especially because of the extraordinarily low cost of implementation.

Remove-Reduce-Return™ - Giving Wastewater a Clear Path for Reuse

Concrete Washout Water Management
Matec's Concrete Water Recycling (CWR) plant removes surplus water derived from washing cement mixers, pumps, mixers and buckets.
What is Concrete Slurry Dewatering?
Concrete Slurry Dewatering Mobile Slurry Treatment Plant for concrete slurry wastewater management while grinding saves slurry disposal costs by recycling the water back to the grinders.
Silt & Solids Removal
Matec filter press allows to get rid of settling ponds and produces dry cakes easy to stock and dispose of, it also recovers water which is particularly important in dry areas.
Matec has developed a wide knowledge in the aggregates sector, as our machines for the water treatment were born to work with aggregates, materials which are not easy to handle.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment
As industrial waste water treatment requirements become more stringent, effective filtration increases in importance.
Mining Waste Water Treatment
In the mining sector, the filter press is used for the tailing and the concentrate in mining dewatering treatment.
Plant Engineering
The assistance before, during and after the sale is fundamental for plants.
Wastewater Treatment for Recycling Applications
Wastewater Treatment for Recycling Applications. The recycling sector is the one dedicated to the recovery of material deriving from crushing processes and soil washing. The material has to be washed to remove the polluting part, decontaminating it.

Dewatering Resources

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