Privacy Policy

Privacy & Data Protection Policy (Addendum)

Zinkan Enterprises, Inc. has made a commitment to comply with all privacy and data protection requirements imposed by both the US Department of Commerce and the European Union (“EU”). This includes the recent General Data Protection Regulation. To that end, recipients of our electronic communications who have not affirmatively opted in to receive communications will be given an opportunity to do so. Opt-out links will also be provided in all of our electronic communications and on our site to unsubscribe from future communications.

In order to service our customers and facilitate future communications and interaction with customers and prospects, we collect and store information on our site thru the use of “cookies”. We collect and store only the information required for these purposes. For contacts located in the EU, you will be provided an opportunity to opt into our system by accepting the terms and conditions of both our electronic communications process and website use before we use a “cookie” to collect and store information.

We promise to protect all information collected and stored, and upon request we will provide a complete copy of all information stored for the customer or prospective customer. We will also delete all information stored for marketing purposes, including your IP address, upon receipt of any request to delete the information by contacting our office at 330-487-1500. Zinkan Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to continue using the deleted stored information for any “lawful basis”, which includes customer collection purposes.

All questions regarding our policy should be directed to