ArcticREADY Provides Clarity to Complicated Glycol Fills Job

How are Glycol / Heat Transfer Fluids Used In HVAC?

Featuring Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol-based Fluids

ChemREADY has the heat transfer fluids / glycol fills option you need for your HVAC system. Glycol, also called antifreeze, is an important compound that HVAC manufacturers use to protect hydronic heating systems in cold climates. When added to water, glycol lowers the freezing temperature of the resulting mixture, ensuring that it remains liquid even during cooling in an HVAC system.

We offer products in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275 gallon totes and even full bulk volume orders, available for pick up or shipped directly to you. We create the composition you need by mixing the product with deionized (DI) water. Our ArcticREADY blends are the glycol products of choice in construction trades. When you compare cost and value, we believe that our ArcticREADY blends are the best glycol options on the market today for your HVAC system.

  • Custom glycol blends premixed to your specifications
  • Getting the blend you need for your system can be a big deal.
  • Blending on site is labor intensive and requires someone strong in math and fractions and someone who is precise with measuring fluids. You also need some place to mix this large volume of fluids, which can be a huge challenge.
  • However, premixing is necessary to ensure that the percentages are appropriate for your system to function correctly so you’ve really got to do it.
  • We can provide you with propylene glycol and ethylene glycol premixed with DI water to the specific percentage you need for your system.
  • ChemREADY will blend and mix exactly what you need and deliver your custom glycol blend right to your door. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Glycol Fill Products

Glycol Fills

ChemREADY's ArcticReady Glycol is one of the most common alcohols used in commercial and industrial applications.

Glycol Fill Applications

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