Disinfection & Dechlorination: Biological Fouling Prevention

Ensure Proper Treatment Of Heating And Cooling Systems

The disinfection & dechlorination of potable water and wastewater provides a degree of protection from contact with pathogenic organisms including those causing cholera, polio, typhoid, hepatitis and a number of other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases. Disinfection is a process where a significant percentage of pathogenic organisms are killed or controlled.

As an individual pathogenic organism can be difficult to detect in a large volume of water or wastewater, disinfection efficacy is most often measured using “indicator organisms” that coexist in high quantities where pathogens are present.

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The most common indicator organism used in the evaluation of drinking water is Total Coliform (TC), unless there is a reason to focus on a specific pathogen. The most common indicator organism for wastewater evaluation is fecal coliform but there has been discussion regarding the use of Escherichia coli (E. coli) or Total Coliform. As domestic wastewater contains approximately 1,000 times more indicator organisms than typical surface water, understanding wastewater disinfection will make it easier to understand water disinfection. As a result, this is why ChemREADY provides various options for Chlorination and Dechlorination and expertise for choosing an appropriate treatment plan.

  • Ability to penetrate and destroy infectious agents under normal operating conditions
  • Safe and easy handling, storage, and shipping
  • Affordable capital and operation and maintenance (O&M) costs

Disinfectant Biocide Products Available With ChemREADY

We have a wide range of disinfectant biocide products available that can be found on our products page that include:

  • NSF Approved Chlorine
  • Justeq 07: a new biocide that is more effective and more economical than chlorine bleach
  • Mayosperse 7700-15: a Liquid Algaecide for cooling towers
  • Kbrom-T: a solid form biocide used to control algal, bacterial and fungal slimes
  • Bellacide 355: an algicide, bactericide, fungicide in cooling towers
  • Sump Buddy: Canisters that contain the solid form of DBNPA
  • K-BAC 7015: a liquid, 1.5% isothiazolin solution for use in oilfield applications such as coiled tubing and production
  • Bellacide 350: an Ultra concentrated liquid algicide, bactericide, fungicide, for the control of algae, slime forming bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, and fungi in industrial applications

Disinfection & Dechlorination Products

Disinfection & Dechlorination

Chlor-Away sodium sulfite tablets are formulated to be readily soluble in water and are a powerful dechlorination product for residential, municipal and industrial applications.

Disinfection & Dechlorination

Accu-Tab wastewater tablets are formulated to be readily soluble in water and are a powerful disinfectant for industrial and municipal applications

Disinfection & Dechlorination

Indutabs are formulated to be readily soluble in water and are a powerful disinfectant for residential, municipal and industrial applications.

Disinfection & Dechlorination Applications

How to Control Alkalinity and pH Changes Resistance
Control Alkalinity and pH Changes: Our pond, pH control, and caustic chemicals allow you to easily comply with water quality standards in situations that require implementing chemical stability and neutralization of bases and acids.
Conveyance & Sewer System Wastewater Odor Control
Reduce or eliminate odor-causing gas emissions from wastewater, dissolving FOG blankets and reducing corrosion to pumps and infrastructure.
Fats, Oils & Grease Control
Prevent conditions that encourage the deposition of grease, which can clog lines and accumulate on the surface of pump stations and your treatment plant.
Phosphorus Removal
ChemREADY has been working with industry partners to improve and reduce cost of Phosphorus Reduction treatments to meet receiving water requirements.
Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery and Non-Metals
Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery: Mechanical and chemical solutions engineered to eliminate site ‘run-off’ risks and improve overall marketability of your product.
Commercial Wastewater Treatment & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
ChemREADY provides a single source for chemical and equipment needs with technical expertise to ensure your industrial wastewater treatment is efficient, effective and within budget.