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Water Treatment Cleaners and Additives

Boiler Chemicals, Tower Chemicals and Closed Loop Cleaning Chemicals

Water treatment cleaners such as ChemREADY’s KLEEN product series is engineered for removing water scale and rust from heat exchangers, compressors, cooling coils and other equipment in utility companies, paper mills, chemical plants, steel mills, mines, and other industries. KLEEN Series is specifically blended to remove greases and soils as well as oxides (rust) and scale from metals.

Dirty water:

  • Fouls equipment
  • Robs heat exchange efficiency
  • Increases operating and maintenance issues
  • Causes leaks
  • Drives up energy costs.

In fact, corrosion and scale formation is one of the major issues impacting industrial water systems both on an economic level and in terms of performance. These problems reach water treatment processes and facilities of many types including energy production units, cooling towers, desalination plants and more. The root causes of corrosion and scaling are many, and the two are interrelated as scaling itself can cause corrosion.

Corrosion leads to equipment leaks, with one of the most common types within boiler tubes. corrosion within the tubes themselves is often caused by oxygen pitting. Low pH levels within the boiler system can cause unified unit corrosion. Boiler scale can lead to impaired heat transfer, which clogs blowdown and pressure release valves. Overall, tending to consistent water treatment from the start can assist with boiler health and operations, to avoid inefficiencies and performance losses.

There are different methods of treatment, and our expert staff can help diagnose the causes to mitigate the issues. ChemREADY can help modify water quality, reduce foam, adjust pH, help control corrosion by neutralizing acids and apply protective cleaning with products designed with our premier specialty chemicals. Our ultra-concentrated line can help conserve space while providing the same level of protection as bulk chemicals. Ask about our Total-Service-Management™ program levels to ensure proper service and treatment for both heating and cooling systems to keep operations running at optimal levels.

Water Treatment Cleaner Products


A specialty protective cleaning product products designed with ChemREADY’s premier specialty chemicals.

Cleaner Applications

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
Boiler Treatment Chemicals: Providing efficiency, safety and reliability in your steam generating system.
Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Our cooling towers water treatment solutions do much more than just protect your cooling tower water systems from corrosion, deposits and microbiological growth.
Closed Loop Water Treatment
Our advanced technology closed loop and closed circuit water treatment chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant operational benefits and performance improvements.