The Clear Choice for Water Clarity™


Remove-Reduce-Return™ approach integrates mechanical and chemical solutions making us the best choice for your wastewater needs. We provide turnkey plants for the purification, odor control, disinfection, dewatering and filtration of waste water and sludge arising from industrial, commercial and mining processes. This ultimately allows our customers to reduce operating cost by maximizing water recycling, improve public image, provide scalable production options.

What does the Remove-Reduce-Return™ program mean to our customers?

  • Remove silt and waste material from water in one complete fully automated package.
  • Reduce the amount of haul off water and consumption of space on property by retention ponds
  • Return valuable water resources back to the plant for reuse and consumption.
  • Ultimately our Remove-Reduce-Return™ products minimize sludge management costs, reduces space required for disposal, saves up to 90% on water costs, reduces sludge volume by 80%.

Water Treatment

ChemREADY ensures proper treatment of heating and cooling systems. Premium service, quality chemicals and high-technology to ensure proper treatment and prevent plant downtime while promoting system health. Our various program levels allow system service for any need and all size customers.

Waste Water Treatment

Customized Solutions for total wastewater treatment needs. Premium quality chemicals, additives and technology provided to ensure the most cost effective treatment and efficiency of your wastewater treatment process. Improve public image, compliance cost, flexibility for production, and resource recovery.


Matec filter presses are the best economical/technical solutions for slurry dewatering and water cleaning because of its simplicity and great results.