Odor Control

SULFAWAY can be used in certain applications where hydrogen sulfide odor is already present (curative) or to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide (preventative) odor. Curative Applications are treated by reacting SULFAWAY mainly in the water column providing electrons for oxidation.  In the curative application mode, a minimum retention time of 2-3 hours is required in order to be effective.  In the preventative mode, SULFAWAY conditions the biofilm for anoxic process, preventing sulfate from being reduced to hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic sewer conditions.

In preventative applications a minimum retention time of 3 hours is necessary in order to be effective.  When applied properly, control to low hydrogen sulfide levels is possible.  SULFAWAY may provide some in-line BOD reduction in the collection system.  SULFAWAY are considered a non-hazardous material and can be stored in simple feed systems.

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  • Popular choice for odour control at pump stations in wastewater systems
  • Level of H₂S odour is minimised from dosing point and downstream
  • Reduces H₂S production by up to 90%
  • Lessens the rate of corrosion for system infrastructure by excess H₂S gas
  • Allows Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation compliance
  • Environmentally friendly
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