FlocREADY Cationic


ChemREADY offers cationic flocculants in both powder and liquid form. For large volumes of water, a series of collection ponds and transfer ditches are utilized, and water treatment is conducted in a liquid floc station. ChemREADY liquid and granular flocculants can be dosed through the use of a liquid floc station or a dry floc station, and the appropriate dose can be calculated at ChemREADY’s lab based on site samples. Introducing our product into runoff stream causes sediment particles to settle by flocculation. Our products and process will optimize sedimentation and discharge water that meets all regulatory requirements.

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Alkalinity Control
How to Control Alkalinity and pH Changes Resistance
Control Alkalinity and pH Changes: Our pond, pH control, and caustic chemicals allow you to easily comply with water quality standards in situations that require implementing chemical stability and neutralization of bases and acids.
Wastewater Odor Control
Conveyance & Sewer System Wastewater Odor Control
Reduce or eliminate odor-causing gas emissions from wastewater, dissolving FOG blankets and reducing corrosion to pumps and infrastructure.
Fat Oil and Grease Control
Fats, Oils & Grease Control
Prevent conditions that encourage the deposition of grease, which can clog lines and accumulate on the surface of pump stations and your treatment plant.
Phosphorus Removal
Phosphorus Removal
ChemREADY has been working with industry partners to improve and reduce cost of Phosphorus Reduction treatments to meet receiving water requirements.


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