Wastewater Treatment and Equipment Services


ChemREADY provides affordable, scalable, environmentally friendly wastewater for commercial and residential facilities. Our Source-to-Discharge™ customized solutions offer a single source for your total wastewater treatment. We manage your chemical and equipment needs with technical expertise to ensure your water is treated efficiently, effectively and within budget.

We monitor and maintain the quality of your water from influent to effluent of your plant. Our comprehensive treatment programs take all system operations into consideration. Our service covers chemicals, equipment, testing, consulting, and service! Our highly trained technical staff are capable of providing solutions for your FOG, odor, disinfection, heavy metals removal, dewatering and much more.

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Flocculants for Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment Service and Equipment
Waste Water Treatment Service and Equipment

Treatment Services

  • Odor control studies offer our customers a unique opportunity to explore how they can improve their infrastructure life-cycle and reduce the greatest contributors to O&M costs including energy consumption, maintenance costs, and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs)
  • Treatment optimization testing is critical to operations interested in maintaining water clarity while minimizing treatment cost overruns due to poor monitoring equipment or improper chemicals
  • Silt & Waste Pond Management can be challenging for any operation. ChemREADY experts provide leading biological and chemical treatments to remediate almost any pond system

Equipment Services

  • All equipment is designed and engineered to meet the specific demands of customer requirements
  • ChemREADY offers a variety brands and integration tools for chemical dosage, control and automation yielding a better and more consistent solution to keep water clear and production running
  • Types of Equipment Offered
    • Chemical Dosing Pumps & accessories
    • Monitoring Panels & accessories
    • Monitoring Devices (hand held and inline)
    • Filtering equipment (from bag filters to filter presses)
    • Disinfection equipment (liquid chlorines to the Accu-Tab systems and uv)
    • Mixing equipment (such as MOH tote system and bulk air system)
    • Tanks & Containment