Boiler Descale

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

BOILER DESCALER are an alkaline, aqueous blend of chelants, antifoam and a polymeric dispersant.  The chelating capability forms stable complex salts with cations.  Its ability to solubilize contaminants commonly found in boiler feedwater provides the greatest potential to maintain clean boiler heat transfer surfaces.  It prevents deposition even during periods of hardness leakage into the feedwater.  BOILER DESCALING products are applied to systems where moderate deposition can be removed with an in-service chelant cleanup program.  Because of its chelating efficiency, BOILER DESCALE agents can remove deposits formed when feedwater quality varies.

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  • Safe for personnel
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe for the equipment
  • Dissolve the toughest mineral deposits
  • Fast, convenient, effective
Product Application Use Industry Use

Steam boiler on-line descaler

BOILER DESCALE 247 is applied to systems where moderate deposition can be removed with an in-service chelant cleanup program.


Steam boiler scale inhibitor

BOILER DESCALE 902 chemical treatment formulation offers superior control of corrosion, scaling, and sludge buildup in boiler systems utilizing soft water makeup.


Steam boiler scale inhibitor

BOILER DESCALE 809 is a complete boiler water treatment formulation for control of scaling and sludging in steam boilers operating with hard water feed.


Steam boiler sludge conditioner

BOILER PH HP-65 is a blend of complex polyphosphates, dispersants and sludge conditioners for the treatment of boilers against scale. It precipitates the sludge and disperses it for removal by blowdown and, at the same time, converts the calcium to calcium phosphate.

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