Matec Equipment

The Standard in Dewatering and Washing for the Mining & Materials Processing Industry

If any of your processes involve water, you could benefit from Matec technologies

Matec carries the products for complete dewatering systems and filter presses, to flocculant systems and pumps. Any industry that uses water in its processes would benefit from Matec’s products. Benefits include: reusing of processed water, reduction of man power, and reducing chemical usage. ChemREADY, being an authorized distributor of Matec, considers the low cost of implementation of Matec technologies as an additional benefit. ChemREADY is a leading provider of chemicals, equipment, and services used for maintaining safe and compliant water quality processes in water and wastewater treatment systems.


Matec Industries specializes in filtration and purification equipment, most notably filter presses. These machines separate solid and liquid components in a slurry using pressure and filtration cloths. Matec offers a variety of filter press models, including high-pressure options, to suit various industrial needs. Their equipment finds application in dewatering sludge from wastewater treatment, processing materials in the chemical industry, and even separating olive oil from pomace during production.

Matec Industries goes beyond just filter presses. They provide a complete suite of equipment for dewatering and washing processes. This includes thickeners for concentrating slurries, vibrating screens for separating materials by size, and even systems for cleaning and recycling process water. Their focus on integrated solutions allows them to offer clients a one-stop shop for optimizing their separation and dewatering needs.

Matec’s commitment to innovation extends beyond just product development. Their focus on sustainability is evident in their ability to design filtration systems that minimize water usage and maximize process efficiency. This focus on responsible solutions makes Matec a valuable partner for companies looking to optimize their filtration processes while minimizing environmental impact.

By combining quality manufacturing, diverse product offerings, innovative technology, and exceptional customer support, Matec Industries has positioned itself as a leading force in the global filter press market.

Silo Decanters

Find versatility and continuous clarification in decanters designed and manufactured by Matec, including vertical and horizontal configurations of stainless steel or concrete.

Filter Presses

Matec filter presses are perfect for all applications in many different industries, thanks to our four ranges: Acquae, Ignis, Terrae, Magnum.

Wash and Screening Plants

A total treatment process which can reduce contaminants and precision in the separation of materials are the requirements we face from our customers and that our machines are able to fulfill.

Mobile Plants

Easy to install and ready to work immediately, this technology moves from the factory to on-site, and from site to site.

Packaged Plants

ChemREADY, being an authorized distributor of Matec equipment, has introduced an innovative ground-breaking technology that can help Ready Mix plants dewater their cleaning and waste water by up to 85%.

Matec Accessories

Matec accessories include: TT2 Fast, Gasser Shaker, Real Washing, Core Blow, Cake Dryer, Drip Tray, Mud Cake Washing and Pumps.

Matec Resources

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