Matec Mobile Plants

ChemREADY, being an authorized distributor of Matec, has introduced the first Matec mobile plant for the industries of waste water, sludge filtration and purification. Easy to install and ready to work immediately, this technology moves from the factory to on-site, and from site to site.  The Cube will no doubt change the waste water treatment industry as we know it.

Benefits compared with other types of technologies are:

  • 100% Mobile
  • Fully AUTOMATIC, no need for operators
  • Up to 85% reduced dry sludge, cutting off disposal costs
  • No flocculant required typically
  • Water 100% re-use
  • Concrete materials recovery
  • Productivity for 2-100 cement mixers per day
  • Total mechanical reliability guaranteed using components by top brands
  • Versatility that permits the plant to be installed in every site & without expensive base
  • Installation in 3 days and full 24 month warranty

There has always been a need in many industries, such as aggregates, for wastewater treatment to have the capability of being moved from one site to another. It was only last summer when the time was right to put the idea into practice. Once the opportunity arrived with the first customer, it was determined that their situation required two machines to accommodate their process. Each of our customer’s needs differ, so we thoroughly review each situation to determine what is best for their operation.

In the case of this first mobile plant customer, these machines had to be placed inside one containment each and opportunely lifted to allow two screw conveyors beneath them. Screw conveyors are used to take away the mud dried by the filter press. Once the filter presses were ready, they were placed into the containments, all the connections were made, and the screw conveyors installed. This made the filter presses mobile, despite its dimensions.  Realizing that the ultimate plan was to create an entire mobile plant, not just the filter presses, the other components were also placed into containments to complete the mobile filtration plant design.

In the end, four containments were ultimately needed for this customer: one dedicated to the homogenizer tank for the sludge to be treated by the filter press; one for the clean water overflowing from the silo; a third one split into two, part for the clean water necessary for the flocculant preparation and part for the dirty water from a hydrocyclone to be treated by the filter press; and then the fourth one to contain a small control station where the plant for the flocculant preparation and dosing takes place. In addition, the containments used were sealed perfectly and weather-proofed.

When finished with the containments, the mobile plant was ready for its first trip. It was moved outside the workshop and placed on trucks. Once on-site, the preparation of the installation of The Cube only required the compacting of the ground where the containers were to be placed. No foundations or fixed anchoring were needed. With The Cube you just chose where to place it and connect it to the feeding grids. All the containers are pre-wired and ready to go.

The Zinkan-Matec Partnership now leads in the water recycling market by moving one step ahead of competitors. They believe in creating products which fulfill the needs of customers that currently do not exist on the market. Add the obvious quality of the products which are guaranteed, and you have the difference between a regular partnership and a great one.