ChemREADY Training Programs

Whether you are a professional in the water technology field, a supervisor, the owner of a company or just beginner, ChemREADY U’s Training Programs offer a wide range of options to complete your technical training in the Water Treatment field. It is hands-on, real-world training, and not just in the classroom.


Whether you are new to the water treatment industry or are a more seasoned professional, ChemREADY U’s in-depth training seminars are designed to provide you with a better understanding of the industry so that you can perform at a higher level in your daily operations.

BEGINNERS – Being new to the industry presents unique challenges and we are here to build your comfort level and provide you with the basics to be competent and comfortable treating water and managing your treatment program.

PROFESSIONALS — We’ll teach you the latest technologies and best practices that will help you advance in your career.

COMPANY OWNERS — Your company’s reputation, customer loyalty, and bottom line will soar as your employees provide your clients with better service and you see increased sales

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2-Day Standard

Fundamentals and Applications Training

The Fundamentals and Applications course is designed for service technicians new to the industry. This highly interactive class brings the mechanical room into the classroom and focuses on real-world examples; attendees learn directly from leaders in the industry as well as their peers. The curriculum allows for question-and-answer sessions and fosters learning in a collaborative environment, providing attendees with the knowledge and theory behind the “whys” of their role in water treatment.

• Fundamentals of Boilers, Cooling Towers, Closed Loops
• Chemistry of Water Treatment
• Why and How to Perform Water Treatment
• Testing Fundamentals
• Troubleshooting at Real Customer Location
• Water Treatment Equipment Overview and Troubleshooting

4-Day Customer Site

Hands-On, Water Treatment & Troubleshooting

Need assistance at your location, our 4-Day, on-site training builds upon our 2-Day standard training program and involves our experts coming to your facility to train you on your location’s treatment program. This insures you get the best knowledge transfer and provides the clearest path to success for implementing your own Water Management Program.

• ChemREADY Treatment Expert onsite for 4 days
• Equipment set up assessment
• Cloud-based reporting log-in and advanced data analysis
• Report Setup and Review
• Comprehensive system inspection and evaluation report to include next steps for improvements

ChemREADY Partnership With Forearm Mechanical Contractors

90-Day Personal Qualification Program


ChemREADY provides a mentoring program for trainees. This program provides a Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) program that involves a weekly coaching session as well as a weekly assessment session. The coaching session is a one-on-one review and teaching session to cover a specified topic each week. We follow up this coaching session with an assessment session each week to ensure the trainee has comprehended the information and can communicate about the topic. The 12-week program covers all facets of Water Treatment and provides open dialogue on the fundamentals and knowledge sharing that is required to successfully implement at Water Treatment Management program.

• 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions
• 12 Weekly Assessment Review Sessions
• Topics include Fundamentals of Water Treatment, Corrosion and Scale Control, Testing,
Chemistry, Service Tips, Troubleshooting, Boiler and Cooling Tower Basics

1-Year Personal Qualification Program


The Full PQS program provides access to all the above offerings in one complete Package. This program is designed specifically for our Business Partners that are looking to implement a complete Water Treatment Program while taking advantage of our constant support network and offering.

• 2-Day Standard Training
• 4-Day On-Site Customer Training
• Monthly Reporting Review
• Quarterly Site Assessments
• 90-Day Personal Qualification Program
• ChemREADY Service Site

ChemREADY U’s Training Programs

Monthly Report Review

Data Analysis & Action Items

As part of our continued support of our customers and their continued education, we do provide on-going data analysis and consulting services based on your situation and systems. Consequently, ChemREADY prides itself on providing insights for our customers through our Monthly Report Review program. Whether you are new to the field, or unsure of the information and data that you are collecting, we provide you access to our experts on a monthly basis and you received the following insights:

• Recommend adjusting chemical feed rates if needed
• Review operator logs
• Recommend necessary calibrations and scheduled maintenance for sensors.
• Analysis reviewed with designated facilities personnel.
• ChemREADY Service Site Access

ChemREADY Service Site

As a trusted participant in our training curriculum, we offer the ability of our customers to have access the ChemREADY Service Site. The ChemREADY Service site is a cloud-based data management software that brings your Water Treatment Program to life — centralized data entry, data storage and data analysis! All the features included in ChemREADY Service are designed to enhance our ability to keep you INFORMED, INVOLVED and ALERTED to your treatment program so you are ready to intervene when required.

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