Water Facts

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Hiring a Water Treater can seem overwhelming at times. We have put together 7 tips a consumer should be aware of and utilize during this decision time.
In this Water Facts, we will explore how Matec Filter Presses offer a unique advantage to the competition and why their accessories are unmatched in the industry.
In this Water Facts, we will review and discuss some of the areas where a Filter Press and a Belt Press differ and what this means to you as an owner. Learn why Plate and Frame Presses are more advanced than the older Belt Press.
What really makes Matec equipment different and how will it speed up the process? This Water Facts details all the unique attributes of our Filter Press Operation that make it stand apart from the competition.
Find out the main differences between vertical and horizontal clarifiers. In this Water Facts, we will explore the two models and discuss in detail some of the advantages of each and highlight where they are most effective.
In this Water Facts, we will briefly outline the steps to the automated filtration process and how each sequence of events builds upon the next to result in efficient filtration and dewatering and 15% moisture cakes. Find out how a filter press operates through each step.
In this Water Facts, we cover various applications where the use of a Filter Press makes it cost effective and strategically feasible to treat waste water on property and avoid costly slurry ponds. Ultimately these solutions save our customers millions each year in handling and disposal costs. Discover which industries can benefit from a filter press and why it is valuable to you.
Did you know that deep cone clarifiers are maintenance and headache free? Our Matec deep cone clarifiers come with zero moving parts, no rake systems and no suction or pumping mechanicals. As a result, they are the most efficient and least worrisome clarifiers in the industry today! In this Water Facts, learn about Deep Cone Clarifiers and how they can be useful to you.