Industrial Applications

Dewatering applications are used to remove water from a variety of materials, including soil, sludge, and other fluids. This can be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as to prepare a site for construction, to reduce the volume of waste that needs to be disposed of, or to recover valuable resources.

There are a variety of dewatering methods available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The best dewatering method for a particular application will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of material being dewatered, the desired results, and the budget available.

Authorized Matec Dealer

ChemREADY, being an authorized distributor of Matec, has introduced an innovative ground-breaking technology that can help wastewater operations dewater their cleaning and wastewater by up to 85% with minimal use of flocculants and in addition, gives a return of clear water for them to reuse in their production process.

This process removes the need for all settling ponds through the use of fully automated, proprietary dewatering techniques and the use of ultra-high pressure filtration.  This ultimately reduces the need for the use of flocculants and reduces manpower to nearly nothing. Ready Mix plants truely benefit from this new technology available to their industry, especially because of the extraordinarily low cost of implementation.


Silt & Solids Removal

Aggregates like gravel and in particular sand, because of their applications, need to be washed to recover fine particles and eliminate the silt which adheres to their surfaces. Usually, the water used for sand washing can be recycled by using settling ponds in which heavier particles settle down and where they are collected from the bottom to be stocked.

Stone Cutting

In stone cutting, polishing, and finishing, water is a vital part of stone cutting and quarry operations. It helps to keep tools from overheating and reduces dust from operations. Water used in this process must be treated before it can be used again. As an authorized dealer of Matec Equipment, we’re bringing you the best equipment to facilitate that process. Matec systems are designed and manufactured for any sector that deals with waste water and silt.

Concrete Slurry

Concrete Slurry Dewatering Wastewater Management System allows our customers to take slurry from a Concrete or Stone grinding operation and process it directly and return clean water back to the grinding equipment. Utilizing a Mobile Slurry Treatment Plant to dewater while grinding saves slurry disposal costs by recycling the water back to the grinders.

Recycled Plastics

The recycling sector is the one dedicated to the recovery of material deriving from crushing processes and soil washing. The material has to be washed to remove the polluting part, decontaminating it. As a result, special tanks are used to eliminate contaminants through attrition, then the wastewater is filtrated by a filter press.


Matec has developed a wide knowledge in the aggregates sector, as our machines for the water treatment were born to work with aggregates, materials which are not easy to handle. This is why we created a range of machines to wash aggregates, to manage the whole process, and to guarantee the best output from the washing system and the water treatment plants.

Industrial Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment increases in importance as waste water treatment requirements become more stringent. Waste water slurry are pumped into the chambers of the filter press. Filtrate passes through the filter cloth and solids are retained. Solids collect on the cloth, forming an excellent filter cake, as if one were to intentionally pre-coat the cloth. As additional solids are pumped into the chamber, the cake continues to build until the entire chamber is full of dewatered solids. The press is then cleaned and recycled.


In the mining dewatering treatment sector, the filter press is used for the tailing and the concentrate. Coal mines have to deal with the problem of disposing of the uneconomic material, by-product of the coal production. Especially, Matec machines can dewater the waste fines suspended in water, recovering them, cleaning water and eliminating tailing ponds.