Ultra-Concentrated Products for Environmental Sustainability

Minimize Chemical Footprint and Environmental Impact

At ChemREADY, we’re driven to do more than just solve your water treatment problems. We want to do our part to contribute to a safer, cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment with our sustainable water treatment chemicals.

As part of our commitment, we deploy highly concentrated proprietary treatment solutions that minimize the chemical footprint and the impact on the environment.

Sustainable Water Treatment Chemicals

Most chemical providers package their products in bulky drums and containers. This increases the costs of delivery and packaging and indirectly boosts fossil fuel and carbon emissions, spill, leak and exposure risks, and increased landfill usage.

ChemREADY’s ultra-concentrated products—with an average of just 5 percent water—come in easy-to-handle 1-gallon containers. Our small-footprint products slash shipping volume, delivery costs and packaging. They improve worker and environmental safety because they are so much easier to handle and store.

These convenient 1-gallon ultra-concentrates, used with tanks for 4- and 7-gallon storage capacity, can be easily placed where needed to maintain a free and clear floor space. Further, our containers even can be rinsed out and recycled.

You can have it all—while still protecting the environment

When used effectively, ultra-concentrated products allow for a more efficient water treatment process, enabling:

Lower Water Treatment Costs

Lower Costs

Easier Shipping of Water Treatment Chemicals

Easier Shipping And Handling

Water Treatment Chemical storage

More Efficient Use Of Space

Water Treatment Chemicals Sustainability

Safer, Cleaner Environment

Plant managers are increasingly turning to ChemREADY’s ultra-concentrated chemicals to help optimize their water treatment systems. And ChemREADY is doing our part by providing high-quality, greener, more environmentally friendly products that not only help you minimize downtime and increase profits—but help make the environment safer for everyone.

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Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

KOOL LOOP Closed Loop products provide all the benefits of chromate and nitrite based scale inhibitors without the toxicity, abrasiveness, pollution and incompatibility problems.

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

KOOL TOWER Series scale inhibitors are environmentally engineered water treatment chemicals to stop cooling tower corrosion.

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

BOILER AID Series is a specially formulated chemical to protect against generalized corrosion and to keep solids in suspension for removal through blowdown.

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Boilers and cooling towers rely on consistent water treatment to stay operational. When used effectively, ultra-concentrated products allow for more efficient water treatment process.