Matec Kompact Plant

Kompact Plant

The Matec Kompact plant is the plant that guarantees the quality of big plants to serve small-size companies. It is designed for users who have water flows which range from 200 to 700 l/min, and whose limited storage space demands very compact sludge.  Everything is integrated into the plant framework, and the clear water tank and the silo decanter are combined.

In a small space of approximately 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 5 m high, the Kompact brings together all the components and quality standards that are typical of bigger plants:

  • Stainless steel decanter silo, 5.000 to 15.000 l
  • Polyelectrolyte (flocculant) plant
  • Acquæ filter press, 400 x 400


  • The installation of a special framework for easy handling, ideal for use in building sites, quarries or wherever there is the need to filter different water collection points;
  • Cloth washing;
  • Unloading container;
  • Ramps for transferring the sludge into Big Bags.
Matec Kompact Plant