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Applications of a Matec Filter Press

There are several applications where the use of a Matec Filter Press is most useful. The filter press is:

  • cost effective
  • easy to treat
  • alternative to costly slurry ponds

All things considered, these solutions save our customers millions each year in handling and disposal costs.

Several industries can apply the Matec system:

  • Aggregates
  • stone cutting
  • concrete production and grinding,
  • tunneling
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • and many more

Wherever a slurry requires treatment, a Matec system is the best solution available. The system allows customers to efficiently remove solids from waste water and dispose of them with minimal hauling on unnecessary water weight, all while saving money.


Filter Press in Aggregates – Sand and Gravel:

Typically, silt and other fine particles are in settling ponds. As a result, the heavier particles settle to the bottom creating sludge. Removing this waste is expensive because it requires heavy machinery and extra personnel for extraction. The Matec filter press can provide:

  • cakes with less than 20% moisture
  • cheaper to dispose
  • operator cost decrease because the filter press is automated

Filter Press in Marble and Granite Stone Cutting & Concrete Grinding:

In stone cutting and concrete grinding operations, water has many applications from polishing the stone to preventing the tools from overheating. The plant can either reuse or discharge this water appropriately. The Matec filter press works great because it:

  • creates low moisture cakes
  • recovers 99% of the water
  • occupies minimal space
sand and gravel belt press


Filter Press in Concrete and Tunneling:

Treating the water will ensure residue isn’t left over after washing out trucks and mixers. After treating the water, personnel can implement and use the Matec filter press. The filter press presses the water and after low moisture cakes remain that are easy to dispose. This allows the water to recover and recycle back into the wash process.

Filter press in Glass, Ceramic:

In this industry, it is important to treat the water in order to remove the residue from glass working. The residue and water create slurry and then pumps through the filter press. By doing this, the filter press separates the water and residue and optimizes water recovery.

concrete truck



In short, the companies that implement the Matec Filter Press, find it is a vital part of their operation. Customers save money, time, stress and worry by making the switch and giving them one less thing to worry about.

To the right is a diagram that demonstrates how the filter press operates.

Filter Press Process Diagram