CDC Toolkit On Ashrae 188

Understanding the Importance of Water Management and Combating the Threat of Legionnaires’ Disease

Water management is a crucial aspect of building maintenance, often overlooked until the consequences become apparent.

The presence of Legionella bacteria in water systems can lead to the development of Legionnaires’ disease, a severe respiratory illness.

As the prevalence of Legionnaires’ disease continues to rise, proactive water management practices have become essential for safeguarding building occupants.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a toolkit to guide building owners and managers in establishing and implementing effective water management programs. These programs aim to minimize the risk of Legionella growth and spread within building water systems.

A comprehensive water management program involves several key steps, including:

  1. Describing Building Water Systems: This involves documenting the layout and components of the water system, including connections, distribution, and device locations.

  2. Identifying Control Measures: Implementing control measures at relevant points in the water system to prevent hazardous conditions that promote Legionella growth.

  3. Verification and Validation: Ensuring the program is implemented as intended (verification) and confirming its effectiveness through environmental testing for Legionella (validation).

By actively managing water systems, building owners can significantly reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and ensure the safety of their occupants. The CDC’s toolkit provides valuable insights and guidance for developing and implementing effective water management programs.

ChemREADY, a leading provider of water treatment solutions, offers tailored water treatment solutions and specialized expertise to assist building owners in achieving their Legionnaires’ disease prevention goals. Our team provides hands-on support, including testing, water management plan development, Legionella remediation, and long-term secondary disinfection.

By partnering with ChemREADY, building owners can effectively manage their water systems, safeguard their occupants’ health, and mitigate the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

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