Disinfection & Dechlorination

Chlor-Away Disinfection tablets provide dechlorination convenience, efficiency and dependability. To ensure you are in compliance with U.S. EPA Clean Water Act regulations, use Chlor-Away prior to discharging water or wastewater into your receiving environment. Fire hydrant flushing, water main testing, wastewater system discharge, cooling tower blow down and swimming pool or spa drainage are just a few examples where Chlor-Away can be used. Although designed for use in Jet Tablet Feeders, Chlor-Away can also be used in other brands of tablet feeders.

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  • Contain one of the strongest blends of sodium sulfite available in tablet form
  • Are 2 5/8” and fit into most standard tablet feeder systems
  • Contain a minimum of 85% sodium sulfite
  • Provide a slow, steady and consistent sulfite dose
  • Are designed with a smaller, beveled-edge to minimize wicking
  • Dechlorinate – removing residual chlorine prior to discharge
  • Help meet National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements and The Clean Water Act
  • Require no mixing of chemicals or solutions
  • Minimize storage space with convenient, stackable pails
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