Neutralizing Amine Treatments for Boilers

Return Line & Condensate Treatment

Without proper neutralizing amine treatments for boilers, steam condensate will become acidic and cause severe corrosion damage to the condensate return system. Neutralizing amines are volatile compounds that control corrosion by neutralizing the corrosive carbonic acid that forms in the condensate due to the thermal decomposition of the natural alkalinity in the boiler makeup water. Neutralizing amine treatments for boilers provide corrosion control and should be properly maintained and monitored for regulatory reasons.

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Carryover of excess impurities from the boiler can cause significant downstream problems. In units equipped with steam turbines, contaminant ingress may potentially lead to catastrophic conditions such as turbine blade cracking and subsequent failure. Our product combines the effectiveness of an All-N-One treatment with volatile amines to ensure your condensate and return lines are free from corrosion.

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Steam boiler condensate treatment

BOILER AMINE TK-40 insure uniform distribution of inhibitor throughout your system even in those areas which are difficult to test and monitor. And by inhibiting corrosion you protect your condensate handling equipment and piping while reducing your return of iron and other corrosion products to the boiler.


All-N-One Steam boiler condensate treatment

BOILER AID 385 has a condensate corrosion inhibitor composed of a volatile amine. BOILER AID 385 is a more efficient boiler water treatment unlike Sulfite based treatments because it does not grossly contribute to dissolved solids/conductivity in the operating boiler.

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