Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions With ChemREADY


Our professional, highly trained technical consulting experts specialize in system facility operations, preventive care, and protection against Legionella by using state-of-the-art technology to track and report systems performance. Our full-line of scientifically proven products provide solutions for every step of the chemical treatment of industrial wastewater processes, ensuring that your wastewater can be fed safely into the environment or to the municipal sewage plant. In addition, our highly trained technical staff are capable of providing solutions for your FOG, odor, disinfection, heavy metals removal, dewatering, and much more.

Wastewater Chemicals | Treatment Products

Anti-Foam Agents

NoFoam products are used to either control foam formation or eliminate foam from forming during the intended process. When the formation of foam is prevented, the chemical is usually referred to as antifoam.


Our high performance biocides chemicals deliver superior performance and include both oxidising and non-oxidising biocides for complete water system control.

Biological Augmentation

Breakthrough, environmentally friendly solutions for the treatment of open water pollution, lagoons, soil remediation, municipal and industrial wastewater, agricultural waste, odor control, composting, and crop yield enhancement.

Biological Augmentation

Non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product blended of select microorganisms that accelerate the degradation of organic matter such as paper products, proteins and FOG (fats, oils & greases).


A specialty protective cleaning product products designed with ChemREADY’s premier specialty chemicals.


Organic coagulants consist in liquid chemicals which have a high coagulant efficiency mainly focused on its polymer structure and on the strength of the cationic charges.


Inorganic coagulants are both cost-effective and applicable for a broad variety of water and wastewater. Inorganic coagulants are particularly effective on raw water with low turbidity and will often treat this type of water when organic coagulants cannot.

Disinfection & Dechlorination

Chlor-Away sodium sulfite tablets are formulated to be readily soluble in water and are a powerful dechlorination product for residential, municipal and industrial applications.

Disinfection & Dechlorination

Accu-Tab wastewater tablets are formulated to be readily soluble in water and are a powerful disinfectant for industrial and municipal applications

Disinfection & Dechlorination

Indutabs are formulated to be readily soluble in water and are a powerful disinfectant for residential, municipal and industrial applications.


Cationic flocculants used for large and small volume water treatment settle solids.


High performance, anionic flocculant based on a high molecular weight emulsion polyacrylamides scientifically formulated for use as a flocculant in effluent and wastewater treatment applications


Our FlocREADY Non-Ionic Series has a nonionic charge, high molecular weight polyacrylamides in various forms such as free flowing granules, gel logs, emulsions and liquids.


Anionic, Nonionic, and Cationic Gel Logs are made into a slow dissolving solid form.

pH & Alkalinity Adjusters

General caustic and acid pH adjustment chemicals for any industrial and chemical application.

Odor Control
pH & Alkalinity Adjusters
Phosphorus Removal

pHREADY is an effective alkalinity booster designed specifically to work in conjunction with SulfAWAY and BioREADY products to treat odor at the source!

Odor Control

SULFAWAY is a proprietary blend of nitrates and enrichment additives and is a proven technology for medium to long-duration hydrogen sulfide control in collection system gravity and force mains.

How to Control Alkalinity and pH Changes Resistance
Control Alkalinity and pH Changes: Our pond, pH control, and caustic chemicals allow you to easily comply with water quality standards in situations that require implementing chemical stability and neutralization of bases and acids.
Conveyance & Sewer System Wastewater Odor Control
Reduce or eliminate odor-causing gas emissions from wastewater, dissolving FOG blankets and reducing corrosion to pumps and infrastructure.
Fats, Oils & Grease Control
Prevent conditions that encourage the deposition of grease, which can clog lines and accumulate on the surface of pump stations and your treatment plant.
Phosphorus Removal
ChemREADY has been working with industry partners to improve and reduce cost of Phosphorus Reduction treatments to meet receiving water requirements.
Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery and Non-Metals
Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery: Mechanical and chemical solutions engineered to eliminate site ‘run-off’ risks and improve overall marketability of your product.
Commercial Wastewater Treatment & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
ChemREADY provides a single source for chemical and equipment needs with technical expertise to ensure your industrial wastewater treatment is efficient, effective and within budget.

Wastewater Services

Wastewater Treatment Service and Equipment Services

ChemREADY provides affordable, scalable, environmentally friendly wastewater treatment services and equipment services for commercial and residential facilities. Our Source-to-Discharge™ customized solutions offer a single source for your total wastewater treatment.

Affordable, Scalable, Environmentally Friendly Wastewater Treatment for Commercial and Residential Facilities

As a single source for chemical and wastewater treatment equipment needs with technical expertise, ChemREADY ensures that from Source-to-Discharge™, your wastewater is treated efficiently, effectively, and within budget.

  • Scientifically developed “Products” to remove and reduce Solids, FOG, H2S, Odor, Ammonia, and Sludge.
  • Our Products remove the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Our Remove-Reduce-Return™ closed-loop wastewater processes integrate mechanical and chemical solutions to eliminate site ‘run-off’ risks and improve the overall marketability of your product through the use of cleaner process water.
  • Removes the solids from wastewater.
  • Minimizes the cost of hauling waste sludge and costly retention ponds.
  • Remove retaining ponds, reduces your footprint, and recycles your water.
  • Maintain water quality compliance and reduce discharge volume.

Whether you need your plant to be mobile or stationary, ChemREADY has your wastewater treatment solutions and processing needs and it comes with our complete chemical expertise. Our goal is to ensure proper treatment of water from the moment it enters a facility to the point of discharge.