Type II High Purity Water Lab Systems

High Purity Central Lab Water Systems designed to meet Type II ASTM Reagent Grade Water Requirements

High Purity Central Lab Water Systems Available

Meeting Type II ASTM high purity water requirements in your lab facility can be a costly endeavor. At ChemREADY, we provide a cost effective Type II High Purity Water system to achieving this goal without the undo burden of standard DI water production.

This skid mountable system is fully plumbed, pre-wired and factory QC tested for functionality and leaks. Designed to meet Type II reagent grade water, this system is ideal for Type II ASTM water requirements as well as pre-treatment to local Type I polishing systems. The dual pass RO configuration provides longer lasting DI tanks while also providing full redundancy in the event of system failure.

The systems are also available as components with mating interconnecting plumbing for cost savings and a flexible footprint. Like our skid mounted design, free standing systems are fully tested and designed for ease of installation and startup.

2MΏ cm Resistivity Type II Water

Delivering 2MΏ cm resistivity water utilizing pretreatment of RO water system followed by Di polish and UV to sub-micron filtration, our
lab systems are designed so failure of any one component does not disrupt service.
N=1” redundancy includes:

  • Programmable pretreatment valves with integrated bypass and four mode regeneration programing options
  • RO capable of 75% recovery 99% salt rejection and permeate conductivity/ alarm condition communication
  • Dual Pass RO options for improved DI capacity with full redundancy
  • City water bypass assembly direct to DI
  • Dual alternating pumps with auto pump failure protection continuous operation/ alarm condition communication
  • Dual parallel UV configuration with bypass plumbing for maintenance and redundancy
  • 5 @ 2.5“ x 30” 0.02 Sub-micron removal at 75 GPM with bypass


Technical Specifications

Bacteria & Endotoxin Removal for Type II Water

Stainless Steel 30” Final Filter with Sample Port. Choose CMF Sub-micron or NanoGuard-C Final Filters.

CMF Microbial Filters:
99.9 % Bacteria/Legionella Removal
96.0 % Endotoxin Removal

NanoGuard-C Ultra-filter:
99.999% Bacteria/Legionella Removal
99.999% Endotoxin Removal


Type II High Purity Water System Features

  • Optional dual chemical pretreatment antiscalent and chlorine
    destruct for smaller footprint and less bio-burdening for Type II High Purity Water
  • Twin activated carbon vessels capable of timed/metered backwash
    with integrated bypass valve
  • Twin alternating softener with integrated bypass valve/
    24” brine tank
  • 5 Micron 90% efficient pre-filter
  • Professional Grade 15,000 and 7500 GPD Reverse Osmosis systems
    in Dual pass configuration with full redundancy
    communication package
  • Dual 7.5 HP stainless steel distribution pump package
  • 325 gallon pure water storage cone bottom tank with return
    flow-meter and pressure relief valve
  • Parallel DI polishing multi-tank system with resistivity quality monitor
    /Alarm and DI product flow-meter
  • Dual, parallel 254nm 40 GPM UV Sterilizer units with intensity
  • 0.02 Sub micron CMF 5 round 30” final filter canister with bypass
  • Powder coated aluminum skids or coated carbon steel options
  • Optional butt fusion welded polypropylene plumbing package
  • Integrated Ozone system disinfection port

Footprint Details

Type II High Purity Water Dimension
Type II High Purity Water Dimension of Skid

Dual Pass System Flow Design

Robust and Reliable to Keep your Type II Water Service in Operation