Matec Packaged Plants

What Are Matec Packaged Plants?

If you’re in need of a filter press but don’t have the space for a large operation, packaged plants are the perfect option for your facilities needs. These units are built for small operations. They take the same principles that a normal filter press operation would have and compacts it down. These plants come with a small make down system, small filter press, and a small condenser for mud.

The set up for a packaged plant fits in tight limited spaces and allows for close looping the water system. That means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing water all the time, you’ll be able to reclaim your water and continue to reuse it back into your process.

Matec packaged plants are fully automatic and are designed with minimal operator input other than normal maintenance and cleaning. The compact size will help to keep shops cleaner and eliminate any trenches from your operations.  Additional benefits include utilization of ChemREADY solutions with the Matec system to synergistically provide clean water immediately and the production of manageable, dry, compacted solids.

The ChemREADY Advantage

ChemREADY makes managing your operations easy by offering a wide range of solutions to meet your water treatment needs. With our water treatment expertise and extensive line of products, we can help improve the performance and efficiency of your operations, resulting in benefits to your bottom line.

Contact ChemREADY today to learn how you can optimize your operations for maximum system performance and longevity.

Concrete Water Recycling Plant

Matec Concrete Water Recycling plant solves the problem of surplus water derived from washing cement mixers, pumps, mixers and buckets.

Kompact Plant

The Kompact plant is the plant that guarantees the quality of big plants to serve small-size companies.

Big Bag Plant

Plants for the purification of waste water and sludge flows for small- and medium-size marble workshops, with the same quality standards and clarification levels that are typical of bigger plants.

Biofloc Flocculant Metering System

Bifloc is the Matec plant for the preparation of the flocculant, the polyelectrolyte which speed up the decanatation process of solids inside the decanter.