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We look to keep our customers as informed as possible with the ongoing world of water management. You’ll find links to videos on various water management related to topics ranging from how to properly audit a water management plan to treating legionella in your facility.

ChemREADY Water and Wastewater Treatment Videos

Learn about commercial cooling tower water treatment options with ChemREADY. Our solutions maximize the life of your cooling water system.
The MagStrainer solves problems through sidestream or inline magnetic water filtration systems.
Check out our testimonials from our satisfied customer, J.J. Collins! Cleanliness of the boiler improves the efficiency which has saved quite a bit of fuel over the years.
Join our president Tim Drake to discuss how to maintain water quality and products for wastewater application.

Customer Voices: The Shoreline explains how ChemREADY helps with their cooling tower

Check out our landmark testimonial with The Shoreline. Special thanks to Mike Carney for sharing his experience.

Customer Voices : Wastewater Treatment at Quasar Energy Group

Hear how ChemREADY makes a difference at an innovative bioenergy facility. Special thanks to the Quasar Energy Group and JT Kurtz.
As the summer season approaches, it's important to ensure that your cooling tower is ready for the increased demand. A proper startup procedure can help prevent costly downtime and equipment damage. Learn how to make sure your cooling tower will run smoothly with our startup checklist prepared by our company president, Tim Drake!
Water treatment is necessary in boiler and cooling tower systems to prevent a number of problems, including scale, corrosion, biological growth, and fouling. These problems can reduce heat transfer efficiency, increase the risk of leaks, and lead to other costly problems.
Need Water Treatment? Choose Chemready for all your boiler cooling tower and close loop needs. Learn how we can provide specialized water treatment to meet all of your needs today!
Our professional, highly trained technical consulting experts specialize in system facility operations, preventive care, and protection against Legionella.
Chemicals and Equipment for Dewatering Wastewater involves several key components: physical treatment, biological treatment, and chemicals.
What do you need for cooling tower water treatment as it pertains to equipment? Cooling towers are used to remove heat from industrial and commercial processes.
If routine testing is not performed by facilities, this could eventually lead to a Legionella outbreak and potentially be the cause of Legionnaires’ Disease. Learn how to prevent Legionella at your facility with our president Tim Drake.
There are a few signs that indicate that chiller and cooling tower water needs to be treated. It is important to have water treated as soon as possible to prevent damage to the equipment and reduce the risk of health problems. Learn about the signs in our video.
There are a variety of methods of water treatment that can be used for chillers and cooling towers. These methods include chemical treatment, physical treatment, and biological treatment. Learn more about them in our video.
There are a variety of water treatment chemicals that can be used for chillers and cooling towers. These chemicals include Corrosion inhibitors, Scale inhibitors, and Biocides. Learn more about them in our video with Tim Drake.
Chillers and cooling towers are essential components of many industrial and commercial facilities. These systems help to remove heat from equipment and processes, which can help to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. Learn about them in our video.
Legionella is a type of bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a serious lung infection. Cooling towers are a common source of Legionella, as the warm, moist environment in cooling towers provides an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria.
Boiler water treatment chemicals are essential for preventing scale buildup, corrosion, and foaming. The most common boiler water treatment chemicals include oxygen scavengers, alkalinity builders, scale inhibitors, and corrosion inhibitors. Watch our video to learn more.
Digital water treatment is the use of digital technologies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of water treatment processes. These technologies can be used to monitor water quality, optimize treatment processes, and manage water resources.
Flocculation and Coagulation in water treatment are used to remove suspended solids through a process that destabilizes the suspended particles in water solutions.
Defoamers are chemical additives that are used to control or eliminate foam in industrial processes. Foam is a dispersion of gas bubbles in a liquid, and it can be a problem in a variety of industries, Learn more in our video here.
Boiler maintenance is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your boiler system. A well-maintained boiler will last longer and require less repairs. It will also produce steam that is cleaner and safer to use. Learn more in our video with our company president Tim Drake.
Are you ready for the new 2023 changes with AAMI ST108. Prepare for your upcoming water treatment requirements with help from ChemREADY.
Mitch Young, head of water treatment at mechanical contracting firm Forearm, describes how his company’s partnership with ChemREADY has grown Forearm’s water treatment business.
Disinfection is important for new construction projects to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. Many building codes require that new construction projects be disinfected before they are occupied.
Let's delve into the procedural and strategic steps for implementing the ANSI/AAMI ST108 standard at your healthcare facility, focusing on water quality for medical device processing.
Imagine turning on a tap in a hospital, only to find out the water could be a hidden health hazard. That's the reality with Legionella, a lurking danger in many healthcare facilities. But what do you do when a routine test suddenly reveals its presence?
ChemREADY, a Water Treatment Company has an extensive product line that has set the standard with specialty chemicals for nearly 50 years. Through expertise in a wide range of water treatment technologies and nationwide manufacturing and distribution locations, we are able to fill the widespread needs of our diverse customer base worldwide.
Let's delve into the world of glycol—specifically, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. These alcohols aren't just chemicals; they're the backbone of antifreeze and heat transfer systems.
We're delving into the heart of industrial processes—the boiler system. Maintaining its peak performance and durability demands nothing short of meticulous care, and that's where water treatment steps into the limelight.
We're taking a deep dive into the intricate world of Legionella prevention through Point of Use Filters. Buckle up as we unravel the tailored defenses against Legionella in faucets, -showerheads, -ice machines, and -inline applications.
In this exploration, we focus on the fascinating world of Tagged Polymers and their crucial role in water treatment for cooling towers. Let's unravel the science behind them and understand why fluorescence takes center stage in their detection.
Today, we embark on a crucial exploration of Legionella management within the context of Water Management Plans (WMP) in healthcare facilities. Our focal point: "CDC Guidelines for Legionella: A Toolkit for Water Management Plans."
Today, we explore the evaluation of Legionella test results and the corrective actions necessary for safety in healthcare facilities.
Hey everyone! Welcome to today's video on removing Legionella from water systems in healthcare facilities. Legionella is a bacteria that can cause Legionnaires' disease, but don't worry—we've got the key methods and resources to help you tackle this safely.
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, embracing transformation is not just a choice but a necessity. Today, I’ll talk more about your road ahead for AAMI ST108, exploring the exciting possibilities that come with navigating this new standard.
Flushing is a key strategy in preventing the growth of Legionella bacteria in water systems.
Identifying a potential Legionnaires' disease case necessitates immediate action, including a comprehensive assessment of your healthcare facility's water system. Crucial to this assessment is meticulous sampling, designed to pinpoint any lurking Legionella bacteria.
AAMI ST108 outlines various treatment and monitoring equipment to achieve and maintain high purity water for medical device reprocessing.
Our proactive maintenance strategies can significantly reduce the risk of Legionella growth in your water supply. This message will explore preventative maintenance practices and the crucial water quality parameters to monitor for optimal legionella control.