AttriTec is used to remove effectively the pollutants on the surface of the sand contained in the contaminated slurry by the action of scrubbing (friction). The friction is generated by agitators inside the machine. The machine has two or more cells according for the contact times needed to achieve the optimal separation. Usually they are used before the hydrocyclone process.


  • Intensive treatment for slurry
  • Pollutants removal
  • Robust design
  • Wear-resistant

Attritec attrition cells are industrial workhorses designed to tackle a specific challenge: removing contaminants clinging to sand particles in wet slurries. These versatile machines utilize a scrubbing action to achieve exceptional cleaning results, making them valuable assets in various industries.

Attritec cells don’t rely on complex mechanisms. Their core function lies in generating friction between sand particles. This friction is achieved through a set of internal agitators, typically paddles, that rotate within a tank. As the slurry flows through the tank, the paddles create a turbulent environment where sand particles collide and rub against each other. This vigorous scrubbing action dislodges and removes unwanted surface contaminants like clays, oxides, and even some chemicals.

Attritec attrition cells are praised for their operational efficiency. The design is straightforward, with minimal moving parts, leading to low maintenance requirements. Installation is also a breeze, allowing for quick integration into existing processing lines. Additionally, the power consumption of these cells is relatively low, making them a cost-effective solution.

While their primary application lies in cleaning sand for industries like aggregates, Attritec attrition cells have a wider range of uses. They can be employed in soil washing to separate contaminants from soil particles. In mineral processing, they play a role in preparing minerals by removing unwanted coatings. Even in pre-flotation treatment of slurries, Attritec cells can improve the efficiency of downstream separation processes by ensuring cleaner particles.

Attritec attrition cells often operate in tandem with other equipment. For instance, they’re frequently positioned before a hydrocyclonic process. The cleaner sand particles produced by the attrition cells enhance the effectiveness of hydrocyclones in separating the desired sand from the slurry. Additionally, the number of attrition cells used can be adjusted based on the required contact time for optimal cleaning.

Attritec attrition cells offer a simple yet powerful solution for cleaning sand and other particulate materials. Their ease of operation, low maintenance needs, and efficient design make them a valuable asset for industries seeking to improve the quality of their products.