Hot & Cold Closed Loop Water Treatment System

Ensuring that closed circuit systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times.

Our advanced technology closed cooling water system treatment and closed circuit treatment chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant operational benefits and performance improvements.

Why Use Water Treatment For Hot & Cold Closed Loop Systems?

Closed loops that are not properly treated can cause significant corrosion damage and can waste water and energy.

These systems must be checked on a regular basis to confirm proper treatment level and system integrity.

ChemREADY provides a complete source for not only total system service, but also offers a complete line of Ultraconcentrated water treatment chemicals, testing supplies and laboratory services.

We are experts in water treatment technology with the analytical capabilities to provide chemical and biological analyses of your water or process streams.

Our service include consideration of your specific system specification, operating needs and fluctuations as well as environmental requirements and compliance.

Site evaluations, annual inspections, new system needs – we have the people, the products and technology to provide the results you need.

Closed Cooling Water System Treatment Chemicals


A specialty protective cleaning product products designed with ChemREADY’s premier specialty chemicals.

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

KOOL LOOP Closed Loop products provide all the benefits of chromate and nitrite based scale inhibitors without the toxicity, abrasiveness, pollution and incompatibility problems.

Glycol Fills

ChemREADY's ArcticReady Glycol is one of the most common alcohols used in commercial and industrial applications.

Cool & Hot Loop Water Treatment

Which Chemical Is Commonly Used As A Corrosion Inhibitor In Closed Loop Systems?

Most often, this is a nitrate based inhibitor.  At ChemREADY, the answer is not so simple. Our inhibitor contains a unique blend of organic based corrosion control compound for multi-metal systems including ferrous & non-ferrous metallurgies, with Low Conductivity requirements.

We incorporate an azole compound resistant to oxidizing degradation used for the corrosion control of yellow metal compounds, Copper and Brass; a very unique organic corrosion control agent to act as a secondary ferrous metal corrosion control agent.

ChemREADY employ polymeric dispersants have been included in our products to retard formation of Calcium ion based salts that can rob surfaces of heat transfer efficiencies.

Our products also have a dedicated Iron Oxide dispersant polymer compound will assist in retarding under deposit corrosion cell formation from the porous Iron Oxide deposits that may be entrained in the system.

In addition, we included an alkaline component in some of our products which will act as a buffering agent allowing the system to maintain pH over the longer term.

As a result of all these proprietary features, our products in some applications may help to retard formation of microbial activity but all closed systems should been treated intermittently with microbial control agents.

What Types Of Closed Loop Systems Are There?

Hot Water Systems
Hot water closed loop water systems are often heated by high efficiency boilers with aluminum heat exchangers.

These aluminum heat exchangers cannot tolerate the high pH levels created by common closed loop treatment products.

Special corrosion inhibitors for these systems must be incorporated to protect these heat exchangers and the rest of the system metals from corrosion. See the Owner’s Manual for specific treatment requirements for these boilers.

Hot water systems that are leaking bring in fresh water that contains oxygen, so oxygen pitting corrosion can quickly damage the system when it develops a leak.

Appropriate treatment to deal with this oxygen must be applied until the leak can be eliminated.

Chilled Water Systems
Chilled water systems require treatment to prevent corrosion of the metals within the system.

The most common metals are steel, copper, and copper alloys. If the copper is allowed to corrode, the copper ions in the water quickly plate out on the steel in the system, causing galvanic corrosion of the steel.

Chilled water closed loop inhibitors must provide good protection for steel, copper, and any copper alloys that are in the system.

Tempered Water Systems
Tempered water systems found in heat pump applications have the same treatment requirements and potential problems as both chilled and hot water systems, depending on whether the system is in the heating or cooling mode.

Process Water Closed and Open Systems
Process water closed and open systems often have the same treatment requirements and potential problems as both chilled and hot water systems.

However, some processes have very small cooling water channels, so filtration becomes critical to the successful performance of these systems.

Point-of-use filters on incoming cooling water to each machine in addition to system wide side stream filters are often required to maintain the suspended solids at an acceptable level in the cooling water.

These systems often have dead legs that can cause significant problems.

Glycol Solutions
Glycol solutions are frequently used to fill closed systems. Uninhibited glycol is very corrosive to system metals, so the glycol fluids being used must be inhibited with the appropriate corrosion inhibitors.

ChemREADY recommends that only inhibited glycol fluids be used in these systems. Trying to treat uninhibited glycol with conventional closed loop inhibitors will NOT provide adequate protection from corrosion in these systems.

The glycol must be maintained at the appropriate level, usually 25 to 30 percent of the fluid, to provide adequate protection from corrosion and freezing.

Special glycol feeders must be used to add fluid to the system when needed. Low glycol levels can allow microbiological growth and corrosion that can quickly cause damage to the system.

Closed Loop Treatment Services

ChemREADY’s Total-Service-Management™ options ensure proper treatment of heating and cooling systems. We offer various program levels that allow system service for any need and all sizes with premium services and quality chemicals. Prevent plant downtime, promoting system health, and free up your personnel to focus on other work needed in your facility.