Filter Press Rental Services

Are you interested in the benefits of a filter press, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you want to try a filter press out before you buy it to ensure that it meets all of your water treatment needs. No matter if you have one-time, temporary or regularly scheduled dewatering projects, renting a filter press may offer the most cost-effective and convenient water treatment solution.

Why Should I Rent a Filter Press?

There are many different reasons to rent a filter press instead of purchasing a unit outright. Since renting a unit requires far less of an upfront capital investment, it can be easier for smaller operations to rent a filter press rather than buying your equipment from the start. It can also be a more marketable option since, for many companies including ChemREADY, a portion of the rental fee typically can be credited to the purchase of any new equipment should you decide to buy a filter press later on.

By having the option to lease or rent a filter press, it creates a more accessible way to get started with a water treatment system. Common advantages to renting a filter press include:

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  • Little to no upfront capital investment
  • On-demand capacity
  • Easy pilot testing
  • Guaranteed water quality with a fast turnaround
  • Operational flexibility

While virtually any application can benefit from renting a filter press, certain conditions make renting an even more viable option. You will likely want to rent a filter press if you have:

Temporary, Short-Term or Seasonal Projects

Not every water treatment process needs to be a permanent, year-round solution.

Sometimes you only require a filter press for a temporary project. Renting a filter press allows you to avoid having to invest in an expensive, long-term solution when you’ll have no need for the filter press in a couple of months.

Or maybe you have a seasonal application where you would only need to use dewatering equipment at certain times of the year. Purchasing a filter press outright would mean that you’re still paying for it – and having to maintain it – even when you’re not using it. Installing a rental filter press only during the months that you need it and having your supplier take it away for the rest of the year is the most cost-efficient solution for seasonal applications.

Immediate Dewatering Requirements

Rental filter presses are great in a pinch. If your current dewatering equipment is down or you need to dewater a slurry quickly, then renting a filter press can help minimize any downtime. Rental units can help ensure that your water treatment doesn’t lapse when you are repairing or refurnishing your primary filter press.

Since proper water treatment is often necessary to maintain regulatory compliance and continue your operations, installing a rental filter press can be a business-saver in an emergency scenario.

Applications for Filter Press Rentals

You can effectively use a rental unit in any application where you may need a filter press. Common applications include:

  • Silt and solids removal
  • Mining dewatering treatment
  • Raw water clarification
  • Pond cleanup
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Landfill leachate dewatering
  • Aggregate processing

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Here at ChemREADY, most of our Matec filter presses and dewatering technologies are available on a rental basis. Learn more about our equipment here.

Why Should I Rent a Filter Press from ChemREADY?

By choosing a rental unit from ChemREADY, you gain all of the benefits of our quality filter presses, without having to come up with a large amount of capital or make any long-term commitments. This is a great option for small businesses or anyone new to the water treatment process who doesn’t have a large amount of capital to work with.

As both the chemical and equipment experts, we will help make sure that both sides of your water treatment solution meet expectations. When testing a pilot filter press, we can help ensure that your chemical products are properly formulated and line up with your equipment for a full-service approach to total water treatment.

Contact the water treatment experts at ChemREADY today to inquire about pricing, lead time and current rental unit availability.