Sewer & Wastewater Odor Control

Treat Odor At The Source Not At The Discharge

Cost Effective Odor Control

In the modern world of wastewater conveyance and treatment, a primary design consideration for most collection and treatment facilities is controlling the odors in a cost effective manner. As neighborhood and industry developments expand and new wastewater treatment plant customers become less tolerant of nuisance odors, wastewater professionals have found the need to address odor as a primary concern in the design and operation of collection and treatment facilities. As the attention paid to odor control has increased, so has the number of odor control technologies that are available in the marketplace.

What Is Odor Control?

How Do You Treat Sewer Smell?

Odor control is the use of chemicals to neutralize the pathway for emissions of H2S Gas and the conversion of Sulfur to H2S Gas. ChemREADY offers various technologies available for wastewater odor control, providing both good control characteristics and several levels of economic solutions to meet the needs of our customers. There are a virtually limitless number of unique odor control problems and challenges and while it can be difficult to find a solution, ChemREADY works with our customer partners to develop the most cost effective and practical solution.

Odor Control Products

Odor Control

SULFAWAY is a proprietary blend of nitrates and enrichment additives and is a proven technology for medium to long-duration hydrogen sulfide control in collection system gravity and force mains.

Odor Control
pH & Alkalinity Adjusters
Phosphorus Removal

pHREADY is an effective alkalinity booster designed specifically to work in conjunction with SulfAWAY and BioREADY products to treat odor at the source!

Odor Control Applications

Commercial Wastewater Treatment & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
ChemREADY provides a single source for chemical and equipment needs with technical expertise to ensure your industrial wastewater treatment is efficient, effective and within budget.
How to Control Alkalinity and pH Changes Resistance
Control Alkalinity and pH Changes: Our pond, pH control, and caustic chemicals allow you to easily comply with water quality standards in situations that require implementing chemical stability and neutralization of bases and acids.
Conveyance & Sewer System Wastewater Odor Control
Reduce or eliminate odor-causing gas emissions from wastewater, dissolving FOG blankets and reducing corrosion to pumps and infrastructure.
Fats, Oils & Grease Control
Prevent conditions that encourage the deposition of grease, which can clog lines and accumulate on the surface of pump stations and your treatment plant.
Phosphorus Removal
ChemREADY has been working with industry partners to improve and reduce cost of Phosphorus Reduction treatments to meet receiving water requirements.
Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery and Non-Metals
Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery: Mechanical and chemical solutions engineered to eliminate site ‘run-off’ risks and improve overall marketability of your product.