Boiler Water Treatment Options

Protect Your Steam Boiler with Condensate Treatment 

Amines are volatile compounds that protect your system from unneeded corrosion and deposit control!

Improve Reliability by Treating Boiler Return Lines & Condensate

The condensate return line treatments below react quickly to neutralize condensed steam carbonic acid with amines to neutralize the return line and buffer the pH level. When it comes to condensate water treatments for boilers, you won’t find more advanced specialty chemicals. There are many types of condensate treatments, but the most common are amines. Amines fall into two major categories: filming and volatile. The volatile amines are completely soluble and therefore, can technically be fed in the boiler. They are considered volatile because they flash off and are carried with the steam into the rest of the system. These types of volatile amines are often referred to as short range, medium range and long range neutralizing amines, because of the distance they are able to travel “down pipe.” Neutralizing amines are alkaline and, therefore, neutralize the acids that can form in the condensate by raising the pH. Neutralizing amines control corrosion in condensate applications by diminishing the effects of carbon dioxide and other acid forming compounds.

Why use Amine condensate treatments?

  • It provides better protection for the boilers, turbines, heat exchangers, and steam piping from scale, corrosion, and deposits while using more condensate return water.
  • Treating condensate return water requires less acid and caustic to regenerate compared to treating raw water.
  • It reduces the amount of demineralized makeup water utilized.
  • It helps remove iron particles from the return water: Steam that comes into contact with metal equipment and piping can pick up iron particles—namely iron oxides—which, when cycled up, deposit on heat exchangers, turbines, and other equipment.
  • It may support “green” initiatives because it reduces raw water consumption, reduces chemical consumption, recycles water, and reduces operating expenses.
  • It is a necessity for high-pressure, high-temperature boilers that operate at pressures greater than 2,400 PSIA. Above the 2,400 PSIA threshold, contaminants in the boiler feed water (sodium, chloride, iron, calcium, silica, etc.) will carry over in the vapor of the steam produced and affect downstream processes.

Return Line & Condensate Treatment Products

Return Line & Condensate Treatment

Control corrosion by neutralizing the corrosive carbonic acid that forms in the condensate due to the thermal decomposition of the natural alkalinity in the boiler makeup water.

Return Line & Condensate Treatment Applications

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