Matec Magnum Filter Press

The Magnum 2000×2000 is our biggest range filter press. It is perfect for all heavy-duty sectors and includes the latest and best technologies and technical specifications.

This model is available both in side-beams and over-beams:

  • Aggregates and recycling sector, flow rates up to 2000m3/h;
  • High technology & refinement mining sector such as Iron-Ore, Coal, Silver, Gold, & in general Ferrous & Non-Ferrous ones.

Magnum is named after the Latin word for Magnificent, because it is our top-of-the-range machine, created for and completely dedicated to every kind of applications in quarries and mines, that is to say for areas where men use the Earth for progress.

Matec Magnum Filter Press


  • 100% Made in ITALY. 100% Made in Tuscany
  • HPT (High Pressure Technology) to work at more than 20 BAR
  • Gasser Shakers for discharging the cakes perfectly
  • Real automatic washing for a complete washing
  • Filter cloths attached with strips and rubber connection for an easy replacement
  • Open filtrate design allows a simple and rapid identification of bad filter cloths
  • Allen Bradley PLC with remote monitoring and assistance
  • Number of installed plates can be up to 200 in all presses
  • More than 5 models for the best economical/technical solutions

Filters with 50 or more plates include the TT2Fast model (fast opening). The TT2Fast opening can discharge the cakes for 100 plates in less than 2 minutes and for 200 plates in less than 4 minutes