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We are excited to Launch our New ChemREADY WaterFACTS Webinar Series. Join ChemREADY and our team for an upcoming webinar on innovative and technologically unique water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Each session will focus on different topics ranging from How to Treat a Boiler with Water Treatment to How to use Filter Presses to minimize costs of operations in Mining. Our Team will take each of our WaterFacts to explore the fundamentals of water treatment, filter presses, wash equipment, and dewatering technology for a range of industries. If you have water treatment or wastewater issues, Matec and ChemREADY are the solutions for you. Sign up for our webinar series and stay up today on the technology.

On-Demand Webinar Topics

Why Use Side Stream Filtration?
On-Demand Webinar on Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers covering the use of a Side Stream Filtration systems, specifically High-Efficiency Sand Filtration, to remove particle debris down to sub-micron sizes.
Legionella Webinar
On-Demand Legionella Webinar to decipher the on-going requirements of managing your Legionella Water Management Plan (WMP) can be confusing for healthcare facility management and personnel.