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Why Use Ultra-Concentrated Products for Boilers/Cooling Towers

Boilers and cooling towers rely on consistent water treatment to stay operational. When used effectively, ultra-concentrated products allow for more efficient water treatment process, enabling:

  • Overall cost savings
  • Easier materials handling
  • Safer environment
  • Better space utilization

That’s why more and more plant managers are turning to ultra-concentrated products and chemicals to help optimize their water treatment systems. By improving such a key process, you can help keep downtime to a minimum and make sure that your business stays profitable.


What are Ultra-Concentrated Products?

An ultra-concentrated product has the maximum concentration of active ingredients possible, while still fluid enough to be effective in practical application. Theoretically, you could have a product that was 100% active ingredients, but that would likely result in a product too thick to be effectively applied.

In reality, ultra-concentrated products typically have 90-98 percent active ingredients. When formulated properly, these products can perform just as well or even better than standard products.

Common examples of everyday ultra-concentrated products include laundry detergents, especially pods, and certain soap mixes.

The Trouble with Non-Concentrated Products

When you do not use ultra-concentrated products, you’re often stuck with large, bulky containers that are difficult and expensive to move. A lot of this comes down to the over-reliance of one key ingredient in standard products: water.

Water-heavy products are difficult and costly to ship, and can lead to large spills/leaks. Anyone in the beverage industry would tell you that it’s best to keep water weight to a minimum until it’s absolutely necessary to add it.

For the water treatment industry, standard products mean large, heavy drums of chemical-laden mixtures. Not only are these expensive to transport, but they continue to pose a problem once they’re on your premises. Large drums take up a lot of space and require heavy-duty machinery and handling equipment to move around.

You also need to comply with local regulations and fire department ordinances when storing these drums. The binding agents required in these products and their unsustainable packaging also presents a challenge for container disposal. Given their container size, non-concentrated products also lend themselves to loss of product when trying to empty a container.

Why Ultra Concentrated Chemicals Can Be Important To You

If you want to improve on process efficiencies and create a better water treatment program, ultra-concentrated products can help. Avoiding the pitfalls that come along with standard drums, ultra-concentrated products come in small 1-gallon containers that are easy to handle for anyone.

Small containers with higher concentrations of active ingredients are more cost-effective due to the lack of water weight being shipped. They are eco-friendly as well, making them a better solution for long-term sustainability due to:

  • A reduced shipping volume
  • Less residual product spent in containers
  • Easily-recyclable packaging materials

In addition to the environmental benefit, a single person can lift a container that is 10lbs or less without a forklift or other heavy-duty piece of machinery. You are not only avoiding workplace injuries caused by lifting, but also avoiding forklift-related accidents that cause serious injury every year.

Ultra-Concentrated Products at ChemREADY

Here at ChemREADY, we combine our decades of experience with the industry’s best ultra-concentrated chemical technology. This allows us to better design, improve, and validate your wastewater treatment operations, leading to a safer and more compliant working environment for your business.

Our ultra-concentrated, performance-enhancing products include premium antiscalant, anti-fouling, and corrosion inhibition products for industrial boiler, cooling, closed-loop, and steam-line applications. These products will ensure that your equipment keeps at peak performance. Once we find the right chemicals for your unique system, our experts will work with you to ensure that you are using them in the right quantities to ensure optimal system safety and performance.

Many of the ultra-concentrated products’ advantages come from our No-Touch dispensing system. Similar to office water cooler jugs, our ultra-concentrates don’t require your workers to manually open the product’s cap, which could lead to spillage or worker exposure. Simply invert the ultra-concentrate product above the capture unit and plunge it down onto the protruding pin, allowing the contents to empty into the unit. Then you can pump the ultra-concentrate into your system based on your unique needs – no chemical handling required.

If you’re looking for the best water treatment partner available, we also offer ChemREADY’s Total-Service-Management™. We offer various program levels where our system experts take over the service of your equipment, ensuring the proper treatment of your heating and cooling systems.

If you’d like to learn more about what chemicals to use for your own wastewater treatment, download our Water Treatment Buyers’ Guide today.