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Top 3 Most Innovative Water Treatment Technologies

As businesses prepare for the new year ahead, now is the perfect time to rethink your water treatment plan. With new water treatment technologies and solutions becoming more readily available, it’s a good time to re-visit how to optimize your water treatment plan, enabling:

  • Higher efficiencies
  • Increased system performance
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Better regulatory compliance

See Our 5 Steps to a Better Water Management Plan


How Can I Improve My Water Treatment?

Here are the top three ideas that our teams are implementing to improve water treatment across various applications:

Ultra-Concentrated Products

Are you still using standard water treatment chemicals and products? If you haven’t moved away from those large, bulky containers yet, then you could be missing out on the benefits of ultra-concentrated products, including:

  • Smaller chemical footprint
  • Higher efficiencies of treatment
  • More environmentally friendly disposal
  • Lighter and safer containers

You can’t achieve those kinds of results with typical products since they are diluted with a large amount of water. With so much water weight, these products are difficult and costly to ship, especially under tight timeframes. Those heavy drums are also prone to more frequent and severe spills when they get damaged or tipped over. They also take up a lot of space and require big machines like forklifts to move around.

Instead, ultra-concentrated products perform just as well or better than their non-concentrated counterparts, all in a smaller, more cost-efficient package. Ultra-concentrated products typically have about 90-98 percent active ingredients and come in a small, 1-gallon container that you can easily pick up and carry around.

High-Efficiency Side Stream Filtration

If you have a cooling tower, then you’ll want to take advantage of the benefits of high-efficiency side stream filtration. These units can help filter out the fine particulate in your tower’s water supply, which is often a major pain point for cooling tower operators.

When not managed correctly, fine particulate in your tower’s water supply can:

  • Clog your cooling tower
  • Interrupt heat exchange and critical functions
  • Interfere with chemical treatments
  • Cause an increase in biological growth and fouling

High-efficiency side stream filtration units are effective at removing any problematic fine particulate while keeping your tower’s water clean during normal operation. Rather than treating your water until after it’s been used, side stream filtration units serve as add-ons to your tower, continuously filtering a portion of the tower’s water while it’s running – no need for any wasted water or additional downtime.

When choosing a side stream filtration unit, it’s best to find one that can remove ultra-fine particulate since cooling towers are known to have particulate down to 0.5-2 microns. While automatic screen filters and plastic disc filters will only be able to remove particles down to 10 microns at best, high-efficiency sand filters can go down to 0.45 microns.

Other benefits of high-efficiency sand filters include:

  • Reduced water/energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime

Side stream filters work great alongside quality chemicals like biocides and common corrosive inhibitors, helping to keep your tower clean for the long run. Combined, high-efficiency side stream filters and a quality chemical treatment plan can reduce the need for mechanically cleaning the tower’s exchangers, leading to lower cooling tower maintenance and water treatment costs.  Learn more in our Webinar.

Advanced Legionella Warning Systems

If you’re involved in water treatment, chances are you know the dangers of Legionnaires’ disease. Known as a form of pneumonia or severe lung inflammation, Legionnaires’ disease occurs when a person inhales microscopic water droplets that contain Legionella bacteria.

Legionellae exist naturally in bodies of water like rivers and streams, only really becoming dangerous in certain conditions and in higher concentrations. Industrial and commercial water supplies like those found in cooling towers and swimming pools are the main places that we’ve seen outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease in the past.

For any systems prone to harboring Legionella bacteria, you must enact a proper water treatment plan. See our 5 Steps to a Better Water Management Plan here.  This involves conducting a site survey and identifying any risks, then building a water management team to implement a continuous plan to mitigate the spread of Legionella.

However, a good water management team is only as good as the resources they have at hand. That’s why better water treatment technologies are key. Along with a good water management plan, advanced Legionella warning systems can help to stop the spread of this fatal disease.

One of the most innovative systems that we’ve seen is PathogenALERT’s Legionella Advanced Warning (L.A.W.) system. This remote monitoring system offers a better solution to Legionella detection and control with automated and continuous on-site monitoring of airborne Legionella.

PathogenALERT’s L.A.W. system lets you automate the sampling, monitoring, and detection process of any airborne Legionella bacteria, with up to 1000 automated tests a week. The system gets an alert whenever a contamination is detected, allowing you to take corrective action in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Using a L.A.W. system can significantly improve your Legionella management, lowering the overall cost of detecting contaminants. Being fully automated, the system requires no specialist training to operate.

Other benefits of L.A.W. include:

  • No incubation or analysis periods
  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Detection specificity
  • Less system intervention

Advanced Water Treatment Technologies at ChemREADY

As your water treatment partner, ChemREADY is dedicated to utilizing the latest and greatest solutions to optimize your systems. Whether you are new to our services or an existing ChemREADY partner, we make certain to tailor our solutions to your current needs.

With our chemical expertise, we can formulate the best ultra-concentrated products for your application’s requirements. We also offer high-efficiency side stream filters and other mechanical filtration equipment for a full-service approach to water treatment.