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Concrete Production ROI Calculator: Improve Your Concrete Production Application’s Wastewater Treatment

Concrete Production ROI Calculator – Wastewater treatment is critical to the success of any concrete production application. Considering how vital and necessary this process is, improving the efficiency of your wastewater treatment can lead to numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost and energy savings
  • Operator ease
  • Increased application sustainability
  • Higher water reusability

That is why more and more companies are getting rid of Weir systems and other outdated wastewater treatment methods in favor of filter presses and enhanced concrete water recycling. Since you eventually have to clean or replace the pits in a Weir system, a filter press can help you avoid all that hassle while offering more efficient wastewater treatment.

How Do I Improve the Efficiency of My Concrete Production Wastewater Treatment?

Concrete Production ROI Calculator by ChemREADY can help you determine if a filter press and advanced concrete water recycling process are right for you.  While filter presses are an excellent choice for many concrete production operations, you’ll want to make sure that they’re right for your application.

The calculator starts off with a plant assessment to better understand your specific operation.

Here we assess how much concrete or Ready Mix product you are producing. The higher your production and number of loads, the bigger the opportunity for cost savings.

This is even more important for concrete production applications operating in regions where the average selling price of the product is higher.

Applications that operate a greater number of months out of the year are also more taxing on a Weir system, making a filter press a better option.

Concrete Production ROI Calculator

On the second page of the calculator is where we see how much of your mix is stone versus sand. The makeup of your mix will help to determine your water reclamation opportunity.

The more gallons of water that you use to wash out your trucks, the more water you could save by switching over to a filter press.

Concrete Production

The final page of the Concrete Production ROI Calculator is where we assess your potential savings if you were to switch over to a filter press.

Your operational savings can be determined by seeing how much you are currently spending on managing your wastewater slurry.

This includes the cost of upkeep for your Weir system or ponds, as well as ongoing labor costs.

The cost of stone, sand and water, along with their disposal fee, will help give you the bigger picture of how much you are truly spending or losing each month.

The ROI calculator will then take the cost associated with your current Weir system or other wastewater treatment process and compare that to the cost of a custom filter press dewatering solution over your desired ROI period.

ChemREADY Waste Water Treatment ROI Calculator

Upgrade Your Concrete Production Wastewater Treatment Today at ChemREADY

For applications where you can improve your Concrete Production ROI by switching over to a filter press dewatering solution, ChemREADY offers the Matec Filter Press. Along with our ability to optimize your water’s chemistry for easy treatment, ChemREADY provides a full-service solution for better wastewater treatment in concrete production applications. Learn more about our Matec filter press solutions.

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