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Getting Started

Are Your Cooling Towers Wasting Money?

The cooling tower, or evaporative condenser, is the most important component of your water system but also, potentially, a revenue buster. We have six tips to help prevent profits from evaporating unchecked into the atmosphere by maximizing cooling tower performance and efficiencies—and potentially tapping into a little-known rebate…Read More

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Why Do I Need Water Treatment?

Water Treatment reduces the risk of corrosion and poor maintenance to avoid the consequences of damaged water treatment systems. Talk to our experts at ChemREADY to ask us about risk assessments for your facility and available products suited and scaled for your water systems…Read More

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What Should I Use To Treat My Boiler Water System?

Boilers rely on consistent water treatment to stay operational and keep downtime to a minimum and make sure that your business stays profitable.  The use of water treatment with your boiler prevents corrosion, scale buildup, and other forms of damage that can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. Water treatment can also improve the quality of steam and reduce the risk of equipment failure and downtime…Read More

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What Chemicals Should I Use For pH Adjustments In My Wastewater?

Sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide (caustic) are most commonly used for neutralizing acids or bases. Caution must be used for pH adjust applications as an exothermic reaction will occur generating heat. The more severe the application the more heat generated. For example; pH adjusting tap water will create very little heat and is a non-issue. Neutralizing solutions with a high percentage acidic or bases can generate significant heat and therefore must be considered in design and materials. Use caution when doing any pH adjustment…Read More

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Types of Water Treatment Solutions

What Are Tagged Polymers In Water Treatment

Fluorescence is a valuable tool in detecting tagged polymers in cooling tower water treatment. The method is rapid, non-destructive, easy to use, and cost-effective, making it a useful tool for monitoring the concentration of tagged polymers to maintain water quality and prevent the growth of microorganisms and corrosion…Read More.

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How To Prevent Legionella Contamination?

There are several ways to prevent the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria in water systems, with the best, proactive approach including a water management plan…Learn More.

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Why Do I Need Water Treatment In A Close Loop System?

A closed loop water system often falls into the “fill it and forget it” mode of operation. The enclosed water circulates unexposed to outside elements or foreign contamination and doesn’t require extensive maintenance. While this type of system might not be subject to the debris and dirt an open cooling tower can accumulate, within a closed loop water system a slight change in the chemistry, differential pressure or flow rate can jump start the process of corrosion. If left unchecked, corrosion can damage critical equipment, requiring costly repairs or replacement…Read More.

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How Do I Properly Shut Down A Boiler At The End Of The Season?

Boilers are often damaged by improper shut down. Properly follow four simple steps to ensure the longevity of your equipment life and properly shut down your boiler…Read More.

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How Do I Work With You?

This is question that we are often asked and due to our unique footprint and breadth of technology, it really depends on how active a part you want to take in your treatment program and whether you are open to 24/7 monitoring of your systems.  The bottom line is most Water Treatment companies are one-size fits all.  ChemREADY customizes our solutions to meet your needs at the facility and drives toward a solution that you are comfortable with.  Our service region is in the Northeast and Midwest but we can support any customer in the United States and Canada through a breadth of technologically advanced solutions…Read More