Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers

According to DOE, Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers is the best practice for maintaining a clean safe and efficient operation.

  • Helps chemical water treatment do its job better.
  • Reduces energy consumption with clean transfer surfaces.
  • Reduces mechanical breakdown.
  • Reduces cleaning costs.
  • Helps chemicals control microbiological problems.

Professional Grade High Efficiency Cooling System Filter

According to cooling tower manufactures, side stream filtration is the best practice for maintaining a clean safe and efficient operation. With an operating capacity of 70 GPM per filter, the CT70 is ideal for up to 800 ton towers. Because of the modular design, the filters can handle up to four times this size.

f has been used with cooling towers, boilers, air compressors, etc. for years.  The reason is flexibility and redundancy.  Modularity allows for a system to be more accurately matched to the required load.  If the requirements increase, additional modules can be added to meet the new load without replacing the entire system.  Alternatively, if the load decreases, modules can be shut off individually to reduce excess product and can be restarted without system interruption.

One common misconception is having one large unit means less equipment to inspect and maintain.  The reality is modular make maintenance more affordable and less invasive by working on a single unit without having to shut down the entire system.  Smaller modules mean smaller components that are easier to work on and less costly to replace.

Many times, modularity takes less space and provides more flexibility for installation and just makes practical sense.

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Modular By Design

Side Stream Filtration illustration for cooling towers



CT Series High Efficiency Cooling Tower Filter


Highlights of System:

Modular design: Multiple filters allow for effective filtration of larger systems providing maximum versatility.

Durable GRUNDFOS pumps with optimal hydraulics; TEFC MLE motor that exceeds the premium efficiency ration UL NEMA 3R environmental rating.

Ease of installation/operation: Solid state programmable controller for simple reliable timed or on demand operation. Rugged NEMA4 enclosure with motorstarter and safety disconnect. Three way motorized ball valves. Single point electrical  connection. Powdercoated aluminum skid for optimal mobility.

Backwash options: City water or tower water backwash source can be used, backwash initiation by differential pressure, 24 hour timed operation or manual push button operation.

Sub-micron Filtration: Innovative gradient media design achieving optimal particulate and suspended solid removal with unique scrubbed surface filtration.


Footprint for Central Sterile System

Specifications for Side Stream Cooling Tower Filtration System

Before and After Particle Analysis for Cooling Towers

Before Filtration Side Stream Cooling Tower Particle Analysis
Before Filtration Side Stream Cooling Tower Particle Analysis

Product Options

CT 70

CT 30