Mining Filter Press & Dewatering ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to help you determine if a Matec filter press and dewatering process is something your operation can benefit using. If you need help learning the ins and outs of this calculator, check out our blog on our mining wastewater treatment ROI calculator.

Concrete: Water Recycling Cost Calculator

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Legionella, a menacing bacterium lurking in water systems, poses a genuine threat, leading to severe lung infections like Legionnaires' disease and Pontiac fever. While Legionella exists naturally in freshwater environments, its proliferation in man-made water systems such as cooling towers, hot tubs, and plumbing can result in health hazards.
Wastewater pretreatment is a crucial step that industries take to remove harmful pollutants from their wastewater before it reaches municipal treatment plants.
Sludge is a semi-solid mix of organic and inorganic materials that settles during water treatment. While not harmful initially, untreated sludge can harbor pathogens, pollute waterways, and create unpleasant odors. It's made up of everything from dead microorganisms and discarded food particles to bits of paper and chemicals