Concrete Water Recycling Plant

Matec’s Concrete Water Recycling (CWR) plant removes surplus water derived from washing cement mixers, pumps, mixers and buckets. When combined with Disol 5000 (grease trap), the plant also solves the problem of water derived from washing wheels and tires of trucks exiting construction sites.

Matec CWR is designed to maximize the returns of concrete production sites and to recover and re-use washing water, which has been clarified automatically and without using chemical additives.

CWR allows you to separate (using a screw separator) or select (using a dewatering screen) the cement residue from the water. The remaining slurry is sent to the filter press for squeezing. This reduces its volume up to 85% for easier disposal.

concrete truck being washed
Moisture Levels Filter Cakes
Concrete Water Recycling

Benefits compared with other types of plant are:

  • Up to 85% reduced dry sludge, cutting off disposal costs
  • No flocculant
  • Water re-use
  • Concrete materials recovering
  • Fully automatic, no need for operators
  • Productivity for 3-100 cement mixers per day
  • Total mechanical reliability guaranteed using components by top brands
  • Versatility that permits the plant to be installed in every site and without expensive base
  • Installation in 3 days and full 24-month warranty