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Proper water treatment is crucial to many industrial applications. From heating and cooling systems to mining operations, making sure that your process water is safe, useable, and regulatory-friendly is vital to the longevity of your business. To ensure that your water meets regulatory standards, it’s beneficial for many facilities to employ a water management plan.
Coagulation plays a vital role in the wastewater treatment process, allowing for solids removal and dewatering, water clarification, lime softening, and sludge thickening. With the help of other specialized chemicals and mechanical filtration methods, coagulants help companies maintain a consistent and reliable source of clean water to support their industrial processes.
If you need powerful, industry-grade temperature regulation, then cooling towers are often your best bet. These specialized heat exchangers can keep your systems cool in even the toughest applications through advanced water-cooling methods.
Side stream filtration units help to keep your cooling towers operational by continually cleaning and treating the tower’s water. Since they are easy to integrate into existing systems, every plant manager should look into getting a quality side stream filter to help optimize their cooling tower’s water treatment process.
High-efficiency side stream filtration is critical to optimizing the water treatment process for cooling towers. Using high-efficiency side stream filtration equipment, you can filter out fine particulate in your tower’s water supply, which is the underlying cause of many cooling tower problems.
Cooling towers are powerful heat exchangers that provide temperature regulation for a variety of industrial processes. Unfortunately, while they’re critical to many applications, cooling towers can easily succumb to a number of problems that hinder their operations.