What Is Foam Control Wastewater Treatment?

Foam Control Treatment Solutions involved the use of high quality antifoam to treat the hardest wastewater situations

High Quality Anti-foam Solutions

What Is Foam Control?

Foam control employs unique blends of molecules that reduce the ability of foam bubbles to form in industrial wastewater processes.  Wastewater systems need to be well maintained to be effective and operate at maximum efficiency. To ensure this, the right antifoams and defoamers must be chosen.

ChemREADY provides the most technically advanced anti-foam, defoamers, and foam control agents formulated to maintain and minimize foam generation in treatment facilities. They are ideal for a wide range of water treatment applications including:

  • Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Treatment
  • Steam Generation and Cooling Water Systems
  • Distillation and Fermentation Processes
  • Food Processing and Sugar Manufacturing
  • Paper and Paperboard Production
  • Plastics and Adhesives

Our high performance foam control formulations include food grade (including Kosher Applications), non-food grade antifoams, silicone, and mineral hydrocarbon-based products.

Improve Water Clarity Wastewater Treatment - Click Here to Learn More

Improve Water Clarity Wastewater Treatment – Click Here to Learn More

How Does Foam Control Work?

Anti-foaming agents are insoluble and can spread rapidly across a foamy surface. This serves to destabilize and rupture any bubbles that form, ultimately stopping any foam from forming or splashing around.

Anti-foaming agents are chemical additives that halt the formation of foam when using liquids. Foam can harm your operations by damaging equipment such as boilers and cooling towers, or causing shutdowns so that downtime is available to treat it. Depending on the chemicals you’re working with and how your operation is using them, foam can be a significant hazard for your workers or the environment you’re working in, leading to costly fines. It can spill up into the path of your workers, leading to an increased chance of chemical contamination or workplace accident.

How Is Foam Regulated?

There are multiple regulations that anti-foaming products need to comply with. These include:


Adhesives have their own regulations to follow during production. 21 cfr 175.105 regulates this indirect food additive. Limitations include that the adhesive is separated from the food by a functional barrier or used subject to the following additional limitation that product shall not exceed the limits of good manufacturing practice.

Paper and Paperboard

21 cfr 176.180 covers indirect food additives for defoaming agents used in the manufacture of paper and paperboard. No uses and/or limitations. The quantity of defoaming agent or agents added during the manufacturing process shall not exceed the amount necessary to accomplish the intended effect. The defoaming agents are used to control the formation of foam during the manufacture of paper and paperboard prior to and during the sheet forming process.

Animal Glue

Indirect food additives involving defoaming agents and animal glue are covered by 21 cfr 178.3120. The quantity of any substance employed in the production of animal glue does not exceed the amount reasonably required to accomplish the intended physical or technical effect nor any limitation further provided.

What Types Of Foam Control Work?

Our NoFoam products come in a variety of different forms to used to control foam in wastewater treatment plants. We have hydrocarbon based agents for tough foams that are unable to be easily mitigated. We also carry organic defoamers that are ideal for use on biologically generated foams. ChemREADY offers a variety of options when it comes to silicone based antifoam agents that are:

  • Economical and able to used in a wide variety of applications
  • Universal workhorse products that yield better results for less product
  • Concentrated premium antifoam emulsion, designed to handle a wide variety of detergent based issues

If you aren’t sure which product is best for your operation, contact us and let’s work together to find the product that will meet your operational needs.


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Anti-Foam Products

Anti-Foam Agents

NoFoam products are used to either control foam formation or eliminate foam from forming during the intended process. When the formation of foam is prevented, the chemical is usually referred to as antifoam.

NoFoam Applications

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