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The control of microbiological activity is an important, often safety critical, activity in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process applications such as Cooling Towers, Closed systems, Reverse Osmosis & Cold Water Storage Tanks.  To ensure that such systems are safe, well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected biocides chemicals.

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Chlorine, NSF Approved

Cooling tower biocides chemicals


Justeq 07

Cooling tower biocides chemicals

Juteq07 is a revolutionary new biocide that is more effective and more economical than chlorine bleach. It penetrates into slime masses and breaks up the mass from within.

Mayosperse 7700-15

Cooling tower biocide

Liquid Algaecide for cooling towers


Cooling tower biocide

K-BROM is a solid form biocide used to control algal, bacterial and fungal slimes in cooling towers.

Sump Buddy

Cooling tower biocide

Canisters contain the solid form of DBNPA

BCS 3024CF

Cooling tower biocide

Liquid, 1.5% isothiazolin solution for use in oilfield applications such as coiled tubing and production

Tolcide TP-5

Cooling tower biocide

Ultra concentrated liquid algicide, bactericide, fungicide, for the control of algae, slime forming bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, and fungi in industrial applications

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