Legionella Services

Proper water treatment is a crucial component of industrial water treatment and are a major part of meeting regulatory standards. There are multiple components that should be known to those working in water treatment to prevent the development of Legionella bacteria in water treatment facilities. Our services include the following:

  • Water Management Plans
  • Testing Services
  • Legionella Remediation
  • Legionella Products
  • Legionella Disinfection Services
  • Legionella Water Treatment

Legionnaire’s Disease

The reason why Legionella bacteria is so dangerous and is such a hazard is because it is what causes Legionnaires’ disease. While it is commonly found in natural waters, lakes and ponds being examples, it does not normally cause issues for people due to its location.

When water is used within man-made systems where water is warm enough to sustain Legionella; like in cooling towers, air conditioning, or any shower or tap used in places like hospitals or schools, it then becomes a serious issue.

The actual disease is caught by breathing in water droplets that are contaminated with the bacteria.

Should an outbreak occur it is a serious hazard for anyone in an area with the bacteria, and steps need to be taken to prevent further contamination. Luckily ChemREADY is here to help prevent outbreaks from occurring, and if they do we can help you manage them.

Water Management Plans

The purpose of water management plans is to have a strategic plan in place to handle water treatment needs. High quality chemicals and mechanical filtration are methods that are critical to maintaining water standards and keeping water usable, but they are still just tools that need to be backed by strategy.

Using a water management plan can help to show where to improve upon water efficiencies, where conservation needs to be improved, and help to set improvement goals for your operations. Water management plans are a critical part of preventing Legionella from appearing in your facility as they can help identify any hazardous conditions that may be present within your facility.

Water management plans will soon be a requirement for all healthcare facilities as well, with more requirements likely to follow in the coming years. Starting January 1st, 2022, all healthcare facilities will be required to implement the new requirements as documented by the Joint Commission Standard EC02.05.02. This includes:

  • Documenting results of all monitoring activities
  • Corrective actions and procedures to follow if a test result outside of acceptable limits is obtained, including when a probable or confirmed waterborne pathogen(s) indicates action is necessary
  • Documenting corrective actions taken when control limits are not maintained

The team responsible for water management plans (WMP) will also need to review their program annually or whenever a change to the water system will add additional risk such as commissioning a new wing or building.

To maintain your WMP, you’ll need to have someone who is ASSE 12080 certified. These are Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist certified experts on that help to ensure your Water Management Plan is audit ready. They’ll review and audit your plan to ensure your compliance for the new Joint Commission Environment of Care standard, as well as preparing you for any Legionella related issues you may possibly face.

Visit Legionella Resource Center

Testing Services

Once your water management plan has been implemented and is in place, a critical part of ensuring its effectiveness is to monitor your system. To prevent Legionella from spreading, or even occurring in the first place, regular testing must be done. Routine monitoring will help to validate the success of your implemented water management plan or show where you need to improve when you reassess. At ChemREADY we work alongside several different testing services to meet the regional needs of our customers.

We’re currently partnered with CWM Environmental, a leader in Legionella programs from healthcare to hospitality facilities. At CWM they use a Legiolert system, that detects Legionella pneumophila with equal or greater accuracy than traditional spread plate culture methods. With the Legiolert system, you can have results within 7 days, and it detects Legionella pneumophila at 1 organism in 100 mL within 7 days. If you’d like to learn more about the function of Legiolert, you can learn more at its product page.

We also work with certified microbiology laboratories who work frequently with healthcare, hospitality and industrial facilities to provide additional testing options for Legionella. They offer testing for healthcare, hospitality, and water treatment, just to name a few. Their testing protocols compare disease risk with Legionella culture results and the extent of contamination within the tested environment. Aside from cultures, they also have qPCR testing, as well as Legionella DFA for rapid testing. You can learn more about their options here.

Finally we also work with ESML Analytical to provide widespread coverage across the country.

If you’re interested in learning more about Legionella testing contact us today.

Legionella Remediation

Discovering Legionella in your system is cause for concern, but its important to follow the plan you have in place should such an incident occur. Time is critical during these situations, and having someone who is ASSE 12080 certified is important. If your testing reveals Legionella within your facility you need to act immediately. Contact you ASSE 12080 specialist immediately and begin to follow your Water Management plan as laid out for by your specialist.

Take extra precautions to avoid human exposure to any Legionella. If you do not have an adequate plan in place or need to contact a ASSE 12080 specialist, contact ChemREADY today so that we can get a plan in place to prevent any outbreaks.

At ChemREADY we are prepared to provide any necessary consultation needed or provide recommendations on actions that need to be taken. We can also help you with monitoring at your facility though our partnered Legionella testing experts. If you encounter Legionella in your facility, contact us today to prevent any outbreaks from occurring.

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Proper water treatment is crucial to many industrial applications. From heating and cooling systems to mining operations, making sure that your process water is safe, useable, and regulatory-friendly is vital to the longevity of your business. To ensure that your water meets regulatory standards, it’s beneficial for many facilities to employ a water management plan.
While most have heard of Legionella, there are a few things you should be sure to know about its origins, how it spreads and how to reduce the risk of Legionella in your facility.
There are some significant changes happening in healthcare facilities when it comes to the standards required for testing and maintenance of the water systems within their buildings.