High Quality Dewatering Flocculants For Your Water Treatment Needs

Every mineral slurry exhibits a range of particle sizes and charge requirements. Our high quality FlocREADY water treatment flocculants and coagulants are designed to improve your processes and lower your overall cost in a wide range of mineral processing applications.

Source-To-Discharge Treatment Products Available

Together with our dry polymer process, which achieves high molecular weights, this often results in a cost savings. Our portfolio also includes high-performance emulsion flocculants. Our proprietary emulsion breaker and carrier systems result in reduced polymer emulsion settling rates and low formation of insoluble material.

  • Specifically formulated to enhance liquid/solid separation.
  • Our experienced and highly trained chemists and technicians can create an optimized chemistry plan that ensures your system works at peak efficiency.
  • Without this guidance you run the risk of damaging your equipment by using the wrong chemicals, spending too much money on wasted chemicals, paying costly non-compliance fees, and running up higher energy bills because your system is operating inefficiently.

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