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We look to keep our customers as informed as possible with the ongoing world of water management. You’ll find links to videos on various water management related to topics ranging from how to properly audit a water management plan to treating legionella in your facility.

ChemREADY Water and Wastewater Treatment Videos

Learn about commercial cooling tower water treatment options with ChemREADY. Our solutions maximize the life of your cooling water system.
The MagStrainer solves problems through sidestream or inline magnetic water filtration systems.
Check out our testimonials from our satisfied customer, J.J. Collins! Cleanliness of the boiler improves the efficiency which has saved quite a bit of fuel over the years.
Join our president Tim Drake to discuss how to maintain water quality and products for wastewater application.

Customer Voices: The Shoreline

Check out our landmark testimonial with The Shoreline. Special thanks to Mike Carney for sharing his experience.

Customer Voices : Wastewater Treatment at Quasar Energy Group

Hear how ChemREADY makes a difference at an innovative bioenergy facility. Special thanks to the Quasar Energy Group and JT Kurtz.
Join our president Tim Drake to discuss how to ensure that your cooling tower is ready for the increased demand this summer.