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ChemREADY is a leading provider of chemicals, equipment, and services used for maintaining safe and compliant water quality processes in water and wastewater treatment systems.

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Water Treatment

ChemREADY ensures proper treatment of heating and cooling systems. Premium service, quality Ultraconcentrated water treatment chemicals and cutting-edge technology to ensure proper treatment and prevent plant downtime while promoting system health. Our various program levels allow system service for any need and all size customers.

Legionella Treatment

Can your facility afford not to be LegionellaREADY? The health and safety risk for Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ Disease can be greatly reduced through proper water hygiene. ChemREADY has a full offering to protect you and your facility, including disinfection services, testing, risk assessments, and supplemental disinfection equipment.

Wastewater Treatment

Customized Solutions for total wastewater treatment needs. Premium quality wastewater treatment chemicals, additives, and technology are provided to ensure the most cost-effective treatment and efficiency of your treatment process. Improve public image, compliance cost, flexibility for production, and resource recovery.


ChemREADY offers dewatering systems for a variety of applications, including the Matec filter press, which is the best economical and technical solution for slurry dewatering and water cleaning because of its simplicity and great results. One major reason for using chemicals and equipment for dewatering wastewater is to decrease the capital and operating costs for final sludge disposal.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Field Proven Water Treatment
Customized Wastewater Control
Turn-key Solids Management

Matec® Authorized Dealer

Certified quality and cutting edge technology for customized dewatering and filtration systems.